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Company Settings


Have you ever wanted to fine-tune some of your GoSpotCheck settings? You can find the Company Settings Page by navigating to the User Dropdown in the navigation bar and clicking on Settings. 

The Company Settings page is accessible by Company Admins only.

Check out the Company Settings available to you below.  For additional information about each Company Setting, please use the hyperlinks to learn more:

General Settings

Enable User Assigned Places (UAPs)

  • Allows a company admin to assign specific Places to users. Please note that User Assigned Places should also be enabled in all Missions if this setting is turned on.

Hide Unanswered Optional Tasks

  • This setting hides unanswered optional tasks from Mission Responses, including PDFs and Share Links.

Mobile Settings

Enable Mobile App Notifications

  • This enables mobile notifications for all users in the company. You will be able to turn notifications on or off individually when launching a mission.

Add New Places in the Mobile App

  • Allows mobile app users to add Places from the field.

Assign a UAP to Places Added in the Mobile App

  • This setting automatically assigns Places added in the mobile app to the user who added them.

Copy & Start Mission Responses

  • Allows mobile app users to copy a previously submitted Mission Response into a new Mission Response.

Show Mission Responses from all Users under Place History

  • Allows mobile app users to see Mission Responses submitted by other users in the History tab of the Place Details page in the mobile app.

Enable Mission response Sharing via a ‘Share Link’

  • Allows mobile app users the option to open or share a link to a submitted Mission Response.

Enable Mission Responses Sharing via a PDF

  • Allows mobile app users to email themselves a PDF copy of a submitted Mission Response.

Show Place Property Details

  • Allows mobile app users to see Place property data on the Place Details page, and filter on these properties on the Choose a Place page.

Enable Search All Places

  • Allows mobile app users to search for any Place in your company, regardless of how far away the Places are from the user and whether Missions are available at that Place.

Enable "Search This Area" on the Map View

  • Allows mobile app users to navigate to any location on the map and find Places that have available Missions.

Web Dashboard Settings

Enable Mission Response Sharing via a “Share Link”

  • Allows web dashboard users the option to share a link to a submitted Mission Response or set of photos from a task response.
If you have any questions about the impact of turning a particular setting on or off, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to discuss each option and how it will affect your individual use case.
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