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History Tab

The History tab on the Place Details page displays mission responses that have previously submitted at that location. By default, the History Tab displays Mission Responses you have submitted at that location, though it can be configured to also display the responses of other members of your team or company.

Use the History tab to review, Copy and Start or Share a Mission Response. that has been submitted at that location.

View a Location's History

  1. In the mobile app, navigate to the Choose a Place screen.
  2. Select a Place that you want to view the history for.
  3. Tap the History tab to view the history of the Place, including previously submitted mission responses in chronological order. 



NOTE: The Mission Responses displayed on the History tab of the Place Details page will depend on how your Company Admin has configured your Company Settings

Which Mission Responses are Displayed to me?

The History tab displays the 100 most recent Mission Responses that have been submitted at that Place. Depending on the way your Company Admin has configured your Company Settings, the History Tab will display Mission Responses that have been submitted by:

  • Anyone at your company
  • Anyone on a GoSpotCheck Team you are a part of
  • You alone

Internet Connectivity or Cellular Reception Required

To view the History record for a Place, you will need strong cellular service (more than three bars) or an internet connection. 

History Options

When you select a previously submitted Mission Response from the History tab, two additional options become available*: Copy and Start and Share a Mission Response. 

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