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Copy & Start a Mission Response

This section describes how to use a previous Mission Response as the basis for a new Mission Response.

Why would you Copy & Start a Mission Response?

Choose Copy & Start when you want to reuse some of the Task Responses from a Mission that you (or someone else) previously submitted at a particular Place. This can be particularly helpful when Mission Responses are very long, or if you have to re-visit a Place and only a couple of the Task Response answers have changed. Use Copy & Start to pre-populate Tasks and then update only the Task Responses that have changed.

NOTE: Copy & Start must be enabled by an administrator in order for that functionality to appear as an option within the Mobile App. Administrators can visit their Company Settings page and turn on "Copy & Start Mission Responses" under Mobile Settings.

What is copied?

All Task Responses are copied EXCEPT for Photo and Signature Tasks. You can then add new signatures and photos and edit any other Tasks necessary.

Accessible via My Activity and the History Tab

You can Copy & Start a Mission Response from My Activity and from the History Tab for a Place.

To Copy & Start a Mission Response:
  1. Tap the bottom left icon in a Submitted Mission Response
  2. Tap Copy & Start Mission


  1. Tap the bottom left icon in a Submitted Mission Response

  2. Tap Copy & Start Mission

    If you don't see this option, contact your GoSpotCheck Administrator to turn the feature on via their Company Settings page.

    Internet Connectivity

    In order to Copy & Start a Mission Response from your My Activity pane or the Place History tab, a strong internet connection is required. If you do have a strong internet connection, you'll receive a notification letting you know that the Mission Response was unable to be copied.

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