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Copy & Start a Mission Response

Copy & Start allows you to use a previously submitted Mission Response as the basis for a new Mission Response. When you Copy & Start a Mission Response, the Task Responses* from the original Mission Response are copied over into a new Mission Response, allowing you to modify/adjust only the task responses that have changed. This can be particularly helpful when you visit a place frequently, or for Missions that are lengthy where only a couple of the Task Responses have changed.

  • All Mobile Users (Your Company Administrator must have the feature enabled in Company Settings)

Copy & Start a Mission Response

You can Copy & Start a Mission Response from My Activity and from the History Tab for a Place.

  1. Navigate to either the My Activity or History Tab for a Place.
  2. Tap the submitted Mission Response you want to Copy. 
  3. Tap the bottom left copy icon.
  4. Tap Copy & Start Mission.
    1. The Copy & Start Feature will copy over all Task Types from the original Mission Response except Photo and Signature Tasks. 
    2. You can Copy & Start any Mission Response that you have access to view in your History Tab (even Mission Responses submitted by other users).

    Internet Connectivity

    In order to Copy & Start a Mission Response from your My Activity pane or the Place History tab, a strong internet connection is required. If you do have a strong internet connection, you'll receive a notification letting you know that the Mission Response was unable to be copied.

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