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User Roles

Your company will have two roles in GoSpotCheck by default: Admins (access to the mobile and web app) and Users (access to the mobile app only). But what if your organization needs more flexibility? With Custom Roles your company can now specify who can create, disable, and edit and what items they can create, disable and edit.

Differences Between Access Levels

  • User: A person with a role of USER is only able to access the mobile app, and has no access to the Web dashboard.
  • Admin: A person with a role of ADMIN can access the mobile app and anything and everything else in the dashboard.
Note: In order to enable Role Based Access for your company that includes the following Reviewer role and the ability to create custom roles, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to review pricing and setup options.

* A person with a role of REVIEWER is able to access the mobile app and view data only on the Web Dashboard.  What they can see in the Web Dashboard is controlled by the Data Access settings on the edit user page.  A Reviewer cannot not have any create/edit/disable permissions.

* A person with a CUSTOM ROLE will have edit and view capabilities depending on how they have been set up by the company Admin. 

  Admin Custom Role*
(Coming Soon)
Manager Reviewer User
MOBILE APP          
Access the Mobile App X X X X X
View People X X X X  
Add People X *      
Edit People X *      
View Teams X      
Create Teams X      
Edit Teams X      
View Places X X X X  
Add Places X      
Edit Places X *      
Add Place Properties X      
Disable Place X *      
Add Individual Place to a Place Group X *      
View Place Groups X      
Edit Place Groups X      
View Missions X X X X  
Edit In-Progress Missions X *      
Create Missions X      
Start Missions (from Draft) X *      
Add Teams to a draft Mission X      
Add Place Groups to a draft Mission X      
Create Filters X X X X  
Create Alerts X X X X  
View Mission Response X X X X  
Edit Mission Response X * X    
Export Mission Responses X X X X  
Share Mission Response URL X X X X  
View Items Tab X        
View Catalogs X        
View Catalog Items X        
View UAPS X X   X  
Edit UAPs X  *      


Coming Soon - Custom Roles: An Admin can configure a Custom Role and allow a user to view and edit People, Places and Missions.  They will ultimately be able to create and publish missions as well.
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