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Managing Missions

Depending on the status of your mission, there are a number of different actions you can take to help manage it. 

Below are the different actions you can take for each mission status:

Started Missions Scheduled Missions Draft Missions Stopped Missions Archived Missions
Stop Start Start Archive Unarchive
Copy Edit Delete Copy  
  Delete Edit    


The green "Start" button is used to deploy a Mission immediately. In order to start a Mission it must be assigned to at least one Team and one Place Group, include a Name and Description, and at least one task. Only Missions in that have been started are visible in the Mobile App.


When you stop a mission, is it no longer available for field users to complete. Stopped missions can be archived or copied.


When you copy a mission, it copies the entire mission structure, including sections, tasks, Teams and Place Groups.

It does not copy the responses. When you copy a mission, before starting it, make sure to verify that the Teams, Place Groups and properties are what you want.


Clicking the Edit button on a Draft or Scheduled Mission to return to the mission editing page. You can also edit a mission that has been started. To learn more, see Editing a Live Mission


When you no longer need to view the data/reporting associated with a stopped mission, you can Archive it. Archiving a mission is a helpful way to clean out the Stopped Missions section


Should you desire to review the reporting associated with an Archived mission, you will need to click the Unarchive button. This changes the mission status from Archived to Stopped. 


Only Draft missions can be deleted. Contact your Customer Success Manager to permanently delete a previously started mission. Otherwise, you can Stop or Archive a mission.


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