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Editing a Live Mission


There are times when it is necessary to make a change to a mission that has already been started. At GoSpotCheck, we think of these changes as new versions of a mission, and we make it easy to seamlessly modify a live Mission without any interruption to its availability in the field. 

Identify Mission to be Edited

To create a new version of a Mission, navigate to the active mission you'd like to modify by clicking Missions > Started.

On the Mission Overview page, click the Edit button in the top right-hand corner. This creates a new version of the Mission.

Note: The original Mission remains active until you apply or discard your changes.

You'll be brought to the Mission Editing page. Across the top, a green banner will display the mission version you are currently editing. The Mission version is also appended to the end of the Mission title (a light grey [v#]), which is visible to company admins only. 

Edit Mission

From here you can make the appropriate edits to your Mission.  Common edits include:

  • Changing Mission, Section, or Task titles and descriptions
  • Changing certain Tasks from required to optional or vice versa
  • Deleting existing Sections, Tasks, Answers (i.e. remove answers from a multiple choice/multiple select task)
  • Adding new Sections, Tasks, or Answers
  • Making a Task conditional or moving it out of a conditional set
  • Reordering Tasks
  • Changing the Teams or Place Groups for distribution

At any time, should you wish to abandon your edits, click the Discard button to revert to your original mission in progress.

When you're finished editing, click Apply. Your edited mission will be made available on mobile devices, replacing any previous mission versions. 


You can review previous revisions to an edited mission via the Revisions sidebar. Activate the sidebar by clicking the black Revisions button on both the Edit Page and Mission Overview Page. Clicking into any of the revisions will isolate the questions asked and data collected through the date of that revision.

Tips & Tricks

While editing a new version of your Mission, you may wonder whether you should:  

  1.     Edit the original Task, or 
  2.     Simply remove it and start with a brand new Task. 
Here are a few recommendations:
A) Edit Original Task   
 B) Remove Original Task 
     (& Replace with New Task)
  • Update the way a question is worded
    • ORIG: "Are Apples on Display"
    • EDIT: "Are there Apples on Display?"
  • Add/Remove Options to a Multiple Select/Multiple Choice Task
    • ORIG: "Types of Apples on Display: A) Gala B) Fuji"
    • EDIT: "Types of Apples on Display: A) Gala B) Honeycrisp"
  • Make change to question type 
    • ORIG: short answer task
    • EDIT: multiple choice task
  • Fundamentally change what a task is asking 
    • ORIG: "Are Apples on Display?
    • EDIT: "Are Oranges on Display?"
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