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Create a New Mission


This article will cover the basics for creating and starting a mission. You will learn how to build and start a simple mission. The following topics will be covered in this article:

  1. Creating and Naming a New Mission
  2. General Mission Settings & Assigning Teams/Place Groups
  3. Building your Task List
  4. Creating Sections for your Mission
  5. Reordering Sections and Tasks
  6. Copying & Deleting Tasks & Sections
  7. Saving your Mission
  8. Starting your Mission

Creating and Naming a New Mission

To create a new mission, click on the blue "+ New Mission" button on the right side of the main Missions page.

First, you will name your mission with something descriptive. Keep in mind that what you name the mission here is what will be displayed to your users.

General Mission Settings

For the general mission settings, you will have to complete the name, instructions, and select a team and place group in order to start a mission.

The Instructions field allows you to add some additional details about the goal of the mission that your users will see when they start the mission. Users will see these directions in the mission on the start screen.

Assigning Teams & Place Groups

Next, you will assign Teams and Place Groups for the mission. This is a critical step - in order to launch a mission, you must assign these! Based on your set up for teams and place groups, setting these will determine who sees the mission and where it is set to be available.

Keep in mind that you can assign as many teams or place groups as you want to a mission. No need to worry about overlaps - if a team member or a location is in multiple teams or place groups, it will not show up twice.

To further refine the distribution and availability of your Mission in the field (beyond the required Teams and Place Groups), take a look at the Advanced Features dropdown. Here you can limit the Mission to one response per place, enable User Assigned Places, and more. 

Building your Task List

After you have set these general settings for the mission, it is time to start building your task list. 

We offer eleven different task types - Count, Date, Multiple Choice, Multiple Select, Picture, Price, Scale, Short Answer, Yes/No, Signature Task and Searchable List. To learn more about each task type and how it appears in reports, check out our article here.

To create a task, simply click "+ Add Task" in the gray bar at the bottom of the page. Select the task type that you want to create and it will be added to your task list. 

Every task will have a space for a title and description as well as a button to make the task optional. Title is required for every task in your mission, but a description is always optional. We recommend reserving the description field to elaborate or provide additional task specific instructions for your users only if necessary. If you make a task optional, the users will will be able to submit their mission response without answering the question.

You can also create tasks that are conditional on the answers to preceding questions. For more on creating Conditional Tasks, click HERE.

After you have added tasks to your mission, you can collapse the tasks using the triangle button on the far left side of the task. If you want to reorder tasks or sections, utilize the reorder button shown in the set below:

This button set is found on the far right of each task and section.  Please see the section on reordering tasks and sections  for more information on moving information around within a mission.

Creating Sections for your Mission

You can also create sections to house your tasks. This will help your users stay organized when completing a more complex mission. To add a new section, click the "+ Create New Section" button in the bar at the bottom of the page, to the right of the "+ Add Task" button.

Every section you create is required to have a title, but the description is optional. Sections can be rearranged similar to tasks and can also be deleted.

Reordering Sections and Tasks

In order to start reordering sections or tasks, use the button with up and down arrows in the button set shown below:

This button set is found to the far right of each section and task.  You can reorder sections only by clicking on this reorder button next to the section's row, and similarly, you can reorder tasks within a section by clicking on the reorder button next to a task's row. To learn more about the other two buttons shown here, please see the section below.

When you enter reorder mode, select the task (or conditional task set) that you want to move by selecting its check box on the left.  The same applies when reordering sections.

Once selected, your selected tasks light up in green and you'll see a couple of new options.  Black arrows will appear to the left and right, showing you where you can place your selected task(s), as demonstrated below.

Select the black arrow where you'd like to drop the task or set of tasks.  If the move is ambiguous (i.e. its new location could make it part of a conditional set or it could be a standalone task), you'll receive an additional prompt for clarity.

You can also easily reorder conditional tasks by 'bumping' them left and right, changing the parent task they respond to. These 'bump' arrows are on the righthand side of each task row. When you bump a conditional task to fall under a new parent task, you will need to select a new option from the 'Shown on...' dropdown to tell the task when it will appear. If you bump a conditional parent task, the supporting tasks that follow will also move with it in order to not change that work flow.

Make sure to click the 'Finish and Save' when you're all done adjusting the order.

Copying & Deleting Tasks & Sections

You can also easily delete or copy tasks and sections. At the far right side of a task or section, you will see a button with a trash can icon and one that looks like two documents. The trash can button will delete a task from your list. This cannot be undone, but you will be asked to confirm that you want to delete the task or section before it is deleted.

The button with the two documents icon allows you to copy a task or section. This is helpful if you have many similar tasks with different titles. You can simply copy the task or section and then edit any of the input fields.

The third button with up and down arrows is used to reorder tasks and sections, as mentioned earlier. To learn more about reordering, please see the section above.

Saving your Mission

Whether you're just getting started or you're well on your way, it is advisable to save your progress early and often. In the bottom left of the Mission creation page, you'll see the following option to save your progress.

Please note that if you need to navigate away from the mission creation page at any time, and you have work in progress that has not yet been saved, you will be prompted with a pop-up informing you that you will lose changes if you continue to navigate from the page. You will then have the option to stay on the page in order to go back and save your work first. We highly recommend doing this each time, as otherwise you will lose your unsaved work.

Starting your Mission

After you have finalized the tasks that you want to include in your Mission, you are ready to start (or schedule) the Mission so your users will see the Mission on their devices. To do this, simply use the Start button in the upper-righthand corner of the page. If there are errors preventing the Mission from being Started, it will highlight them here. If there are no errors, you'll have the option to a) start your Mission immediately or b) set the Mission Schedule (the dates when the Mission will automatically start/stop). For more on Mission Scheduling click HERE.



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