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Schedule a Mission


Mission Scheduling allows Mission creators and editors to dictate a time period in which the Mission is available for mobile app users to complete. Admins can schedule Missions during certain hours of the day or days of the week, or set recurring Missions for daily or weekly completion. Scheduling ensures your Mission will automatically start and stop when desired.

Schedule a Mission 

To set a specific Start/Stop date for the Mission:

  1. From the Mission Builder, navigate to the Schedule tab. From here, you can configure your Mission’s schedule. 
  2. Under Start This Mission, select either Immediately or On to choose when your Mission is available to your mobile app users. Clicking Immediately will make your Mission available immediately. Selecting a scheduled date will automatically launch your Mission at 12:01 am (in the timezone of your company) on the start date you enter. 

  • The Select a Schedule Type feature allows you to select when users can complete the Mission. Options include Anytime or Recurring. Selecting Anytime will allow Missions to be available to mobile app users at all times. Selecting Recurring will allow Missions to be available during specific windows of time, such as Daily, Days Per Week or Weekly.
  • Daily—Missions available every day of the week. 

  • Days Per Week—Missions available during certain days of each week. You can choose the day and time the Mission will become available to your users and the day and time that it’s due every week. 
  • Weekly—Missions available on the same week of every month. 
  • Monthly—Missions available at least one day during the month. You can choose which day of the month and at what time a Mission starts and ends.

IMPORTANT: Response limit functionality for Recurring Missions has recently changed. Company Admins can configure the number of Mission Responses they want to collect during each recurrence. As soon as this threshold has been met, the Mission is marked as Unavailable until its next scheduled recurrence and will appear to the user as an Upcoming Mission. Previous functionality had the Mission completely disappear to the user once the response limits were met. 

  • Utilize the dropdown to choose how many responses should be submitted per day/week/month per place or per user. 

TIPS: For Daily and Weekly Missions, mobile users cannot start a Mission outside the time constraints you provide. If you want your users to have more flexibility, GSC strongly recommends using “Anytime” Missions.
For Daily and Weekly Missions, the time zone for each user will be specific to their device.  For example, if you have users in multiple time zones, they will have the Mission available to them in the mobile app during your selected timeframe in their own local time zone.

  1. Under Stop this mission, select either Manually or On a scheduled date. Selecting a scheduled date will automatically end your Mission at 11:59 pm (company time) on the date you select.
  2. Click Set Response Limits to set limits to mission responses. 
  • Limit responses per place: Limits the total number of times the mission is able to be completed at a specific location. Useful if you only need the data from each location a specific number of times. For example, if you enter the number "1" into this field, the mission will disappear from that place on all users' devices after the mission is completed once at that place.
  • Limit responses per user: Limits the total number of times an individual user is able to complete this mission, regardless of place. After achieving the maximum number, the mission will no longer appear on a user's device.

TIP: View all Scheduled Missions in the Scheduled tab on the Missions page. Click the Scheduled Start Date column to sort Scheduled Missions in order of their intended start date.

Edit the Schedule of a Started Mission

For Missions that have already begun, admins can modify the Mission’s schedule.

  1. Navigate to the Mission Overview page of the Mission you want to edit.
  2. Click Modify Schedule.
  3. Follow the instructions above. 
  4. Click Save Mission


Notify users assigned to a Mission when the Mission will start, when it will end, stop, or if the user has a mission response about to expire.

  1. Navigate to the Notify tab on the Mission Builder.

  2. Toggle the Mobile Notifications On or Off to send status notifications for the Mission to People assigned to this Mission. 
  3. Optionally, you can include a Notification Message that will appear to your users.
  4. Click Save Mission.


Stop a Mission

  1. To stop a Mission immediately, click on the Stop button on the Mission Overview page or click Stop Mission from the Mission Index page. 
  2. Clicking Stop Mission removes availability of the Mission to your mobile app users. However, if users are in the middle of this Mission, they will still be able to submit their responses. 

A few things to keep in mind…

  • Start & End Dates are in the Company Time Zone: The Mission start date will fall at 12:01 AM in your company’s listed timezone. Likewise, a Mission stop date will fall at 11:59 PM in your company’s listed timezone.
  • You do not have to schedule Missions: Missions can be started and stopped immediately by simply ignoring the Mission Scheduling link.
  • Mission Editing: Editing an in-progress Mission will not affect its current schedule. Instead, you can change the schedule of an In-Progress Mission using the "Modify Mission Schedule" button.
  • Copying a Mission does not copy the Mission Schedule: If desired, you will need to set a new schedule when copying a Mission.
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