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Understanding Place Groups


Screen_Shot_2019-05-17_at_8.55.08_AM.png Place Group is a logical grouping of your places. Place Groups can help organize places by region, retailer, management responsibility, or anything else that is meaningful to your organization.

For example, a Place Group can be a grouping of places that are assigned a location, such as Western Region, or the North East Region. A Place Group can also be places that are grouped by a unique classification, such as On-Premise Accounts or Boutique Retailers.

A Place Group is assigned to a mission in order to allow that mission to be viewed and completed at the places in that Place Group. 

By default, every location is automatically added to the "All" Place Group.

If you have User Assigned Places (UAPs), Place Groups will work in conjunction with the UAP when building a mission so that only those individuals within the UAP will see the mission assigned to the Place Group.

Place Group Types

Place Groups are classified as either Smart or Standard.

  • Smart Place Groups will automatically update based on specific place property criteria you create.
  • Standard Place Groups require manual updates.

View Your Place Groups

  1. Navigate to main navigation bar and select Places > Place Groups.
  2. The default Place Groups page displays all enabled Place Groups. 
  3. From the Show Me drop-down, you can filter the table to Place Groups by type: Standard or Smart.Screen_Shot_2019-05-15_at_10.31.06_AM.png
  4. Locate the specific Place Group you want to view and click on the name to view details. If you do not see your desired Place Group, use the Search function in the upper right-hand corner.
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