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Understanding Teams

People to Teams

A team is a group of users, typically sharing one or more common characteristics.

There are two different kinds of Teams in GoSpotCheck: smart teams and standard teams.

  • Standard teams are groups of users within GoSpotCheck that are manually managed. Users can be added to or removed from a Standard Team by a Company Admin any user that is assigned a role with the  “User Admin” Permission.
  • Smart teams are dynamic and update automatically based on any combination of user properties rules that you define. Users are added to a Smart Team whenever their user properties match the ones you’ve defined; they are removed from the Smart Team if those properties change.

You can create teams based on any category, including user location, such as "Boston Team", or "North East Sales Region," based on job function, such as the "Field Operations" or "Sales Team," or any other way in which you'd like to organize your users into groups. You can create as many teams as you need, and you can have as many people as you want on a team. Users can also be on multiple teams simultaneously.

A Team is assigned to a mission in order to allow that mission to be viewed and completed by the members of that Team.

By default, every user is a part of the "All" team.

Viewing Teams

You can view all of your Teams by going to the the main navigation bar and selecting People > Teams.

On the All Teams page, you are able to view the list of active Teams. Locate the specific Team you wish to you view and click on the name to view its details. 

To view more Teams per page, select the Show drop-down menu, then select the number of lines you want to see per page. 


Add a user to a Team in two ways:

1) When Adding a New User

2) When Creating or Editing an Individual Team

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