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Understanding MyGSC

MyGSC is an online platform that allows GSC users to complete their field surveys/audits outside of the mobile app, from the web. While we always recommend using the GoSpotCheck native Mobile Apps as your primary platform for Mission completion, there are situations in which MyGSC can be useful as an alternate approach.  

Benefits of MyGSC

MyGSC offers several key capabilities that might be useful for your team depending on your data collection processes: 

  • Windows Phone Users: Currently the GoSpotCheck app is available on Android and iOS devices. MyGSC provides an option for anyone using a Windows phone to complete GoSpotCheck Missions via web browser.
  • For Users with more than 200 User Assigned Places: Because MyGSC displays all Places associated with the Mission selected, users with more than 200 User Assigned Places can use MyGSC to complete Missions at places that do not appear on their Mobile Device. This also works well for users who may be completing Missions on behalf of other users (example: managers subbing for reps out in the field). 
  • Access Missions online, from anywhere: Unlike the mobile app, with MyGSC, you can complete Missions from your desktop regardless of your proximity to that location. Mission Responses submitted via MyGSC display a distance of 0.0 Miles from the selected Place. 

Considerations when using MyGSC

While MyGSC works well in most situations, please consider the following when determining if it is the right fit for your company:

  • Incompatible with Signature Tasks: Missions which include a signature task will not appear in MyGSC. 
  • Place Mission History: If you complete a Mission in MyGSC, that Mission history is not available in mobile or MyGSC. If you complete a Mission in mobile, that Mission history will be viewable in mobile only. 
  • GPS Proximity: GPS proximity is not available in MyGSC.
  • Dynamic Info Links: You cannot place dynamic info links in MyGSC.
  • Copy & Start: You cannot Copy & Start a previous Mission Response in MyGSC.
  • Live Photos: Live photos can be taken in MyGSC, but only if there is a camera associated with the device. Users also have the option to upload photos from their computer's photo library.
  • In-Progress Missions Completed in MyGSC stay in MyGSC: If you start a Mission in MyGSC, it is not available to resume or complete on the Mobile App. Similarly, Missions started on the Mobile App cannot be resumed or completed on MyGSC. Learn more about In Progress Missions HERE.
  • Users cannot add New PlacesMyGSC works only with places that already exist in the GSC Web Dashboard.
  • MyDashboard: You cannot access mobile reporting in MyGSC.
  • Searchable List Selection: Multi-select and/or select all within a searchable list is unavailable in MyGSC.
  • User Assigned Places: MyGSC will display all Places associated with the Mission selected even when User Assigned Places is enabled

Visit Completing a Mission with MyGSC to view step-by-step instructions for accessing and submitting Missions in MyGSC.

MyGSC is not automatically enabled in your account. Please contact your Customer Success Manager or the MyAccount team to request MyGSC for your team.
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