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Understanding My Recent Activity

Coming Soon Q4 2018!!!

Do you ever wish to see activity beyond the last 10 days? Soon, you can! We will be launching the ability for users to view and search their entire Mission Response history within the app. This feature will require an internet connection, similar to the History tab in a Place. Additionally, the amount of storage the App takes up on your device will decrease because you will no longer able to see submitted responses from the last 10days if your are Offline.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact support.

My Recent Activity

My Recent Activity is a great resource to check on your work. Did your Mission Response go through? Do you still have work to complete? Do you need a stronger internet connection to submit a Mission Response? The answers to all of the above questions will be found in My Recent Activity.

To find My Recent Activity...
  1. Sign in to GoSpotCheck
  2. Tap the Menu button
  3. Tap My Recent Activity 

View Mission Responses from past 10 days

My Recent Activity displays all of your Mission Responses from the past ten days; this includes Responses that have been Submitted, are In-Progress or are Waiting to Upload (read more on Mission Response status here).

In-Progress Mission Responses expire 10 days from the date the Response was originally started, and the expiration date is indicated next to the IN PROGRESS label. In-Progress Mission Responses will stay in My Recent Activity, even if you sign out and back in to the app.


My Recent Activity will display Mission Responses within the last 10 days. If you would like documents older than 10 days, please contact  

Cancel a Mission Response

 An In-Progress Mission Response can be canceled. Navigate to My Recent Activity and look for Mission Responses with an orange icon. Be careful before you Cancel a response, as that data will be gone forever. To learn more, check out our article on Canceling a Mission Response

Copy & Start a Mission Response

If you find you have to re-visit a Place and only a couple of the Task Responses have changed, you can Copy & Start from your previous Mission Response. You will only have to edit the few answers that are different, but still keep the answers from the previous submission.

Share a Mission Response

You may want to send yourself a Mission Response to keep for your own records. You will need to tap into a Submitted Mission Response in order to send it via email. To learn more, check out our article on Sharing a Mission Response.

Once an In-Progress Mission Response expires, the data is gone and cannot be recovered. This is because In-Progress Missions are stored locally on your device (not submitted to our servers) until a Mission is formally submitted
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