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Sign In & Out

The GoSpotCheck Dashboard is available to all users of GoSpotCheck who have been designated as a Company Admin. If your company has Role-Based Access, you can invite other individuals to access the dashboard as well, customizing their view or edit access to various elements within the dashboard.

Sign In

To log in to your GoSpotCheck Dashboard, navigate to in an Internet Browser. Click Sign In.


Enter your email address and password, then click Sign In. 


If you're having trouble remembering your password, you can click the Forgot password? link to reset it.

Only users who have already activated their account can sign in via this screen.
If your company is using a third party identity provider to support single sign-on you will be redirected to your identity provider’s login page rather than the standard GoSpotCheck login page. After you login to your identity provider you will be redirected back to GoSpotCheck and be logged in to the homepage.

Sign Out

From the main navigation bar, click the arrow beside your email address in the top-right corner (User Dropdown Menu). On the dropdown that appears, click Sign Out.


TIP: GoSpotCheck users are not automatically logged out of our web app. We recommend logging out of GoSpotCheck when you're finished using the tool.

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