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User Dropdown Menu

When you click your email address in the Navigation bar, you are presented with a dropdown menu that gives you visibility into sections of the site that are more personalized to you.



Select Alerts to view incoming Mission Responses that meet specific criteria that you have setup through Mission Reporting.


Whenever you export data from GoSpotCheck, those data files are saved and accessible in Downloads.

CSV Uploads

Use the CSV Upload tool to add/update multiple People, Places or User Assigned Places at once.


Make adjustments to the way your organization is configured to use GoSpotCheck on your Company Settings page (visible to Admins and Managers only--Managers' permissions will match the scoped data access they have in the Dashboard).

Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Quick links to GoSpotCheck's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Go to MyGSC

For companies that have enabled MyGSC, click here to navigate to the MyGSC homepage. From this page, you can complete mission responses in a similar way to how you would through the mobile app.

Go to Photo Album

For companies that have purchased Photo Album, click here to navigate to the Photo Album Homepage.

Sign Out

Click "Sign Out" to sign out of GoSpotCheck.

Have more questions? Submit a request

Have more questions? Submit a request