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Adding a New User

You’re all logged in to the GoSpotCheck Dashboard and ready to start adding your Users to your account (unless you want to take on the task of completing all of the Missions yourself, in which case, Godspeed!).

Depending on the number of Users you need to add at a single time, you can add People either:

  1. Individually (recommended when adding small group of Users)
  2. In bulk, using the CSV upload tool.
Please note, only admins have access to add new users. Any questions, please reach out to Support at

Adding Users Individually

  1. Navigate to the “People” tab in your Dashboard, and then click the blue “+ New User” button in the upper righthand corner.


  2. You’ll be prompted to enter the User’s First Name, Last Name, and Email. You also have the option to add your User’s Phone Number, if desired (don’t worry, we won’t call and ask if their refrigerator is running!).


NOTE: You can choose to send an invitation email to your Users as you add them to your Dashboard. By checking that box, your Users will receive an invitation email upon upon the creation of their account. (You’ll also have the option to invite your Users at a later time if you'd rather not invite them right away!). To view the invitation email contents and learn more about Invitations and User Activation Status, click HERE
Need to send more than one invite?
Admins and Role-Based Users with access to the People Tab can bulk Invite and Re-Invite users with the “Invite All” and “Re-Invite All” Buttons.


Teams organize Users into various groups based on criteria of your choosing. When creating a new User account, you have the option to add them to any Team that has already been created for your company. All Users are automatically included in the “All” Team by default, but Users can be a part of an unlimited number of teams. For more information on Creating and Editing Teams, click HERE.


User Properties

You can attribute property values to your Users where additional data might be needed. Examples of properties could include regions, division, etc. If you’d like to add User properties, please reach out to your designated Customer Success Manager for configuration. If you’ve already configured properties for your Users, you can assign property values here.


NOTE: If you have NOT configured any User properties, you will not see the Properties field at all!


Roles allow you to determine the level of access you want each User to have.

  • USER - Access to the GoSpotCheck Mobile Application/myGSC only (default)
  • COMPANY ADMIN - Full View and Edit access to both the GoSpotCheck Dashboard & the Mobile Application
  • REVIEWER - FULL access to the GoSpotCheck Mobile Application & SCOPED, CUSTOMIZED access to view/edit within the GoSpotCheck Dashboard. For more information on Role Based Access, click HERE


A word on the Manager Role: You will only see the role of Manager as a potential option if your company has purchased Role-based Access as an addition to your GoSpotCheck Account. To find out more about setting up Roles, please contact your designated GSC Customer Success Manager.

When finished inputting all necessary information, click the blue "Create User" button in the bottom righthand corner of the page. 


 Cheers on the successful addition of reinforcements to your GoSpotCheck team! 


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