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Invitations and User Activation Status


Invitation Email

When setting up new Users in your GoSpotCheck Dashboard, you have the option to send an invitation email to your Users.

The invitation email will include instructions on how to download the app to the user's devices, as well as how to activate their account.

You can view a sample of the invite email below: 


NOTE: Currently, you cannot edit the text in the invite email.


Activation Status

Once a User has been added to your GoSpotCheck Dashboard, you can track their Activation Status from the People page. Users will have one of four classifications assigned:



User has activated their GSC account by logging in to GoSpotCheck and creating a password


Needs Invitation

User’s account has been created but they haven’t been been sent the GSC Invitation email (NOTE: As soon as a User’s information has been added to your company Dashboard, your Users can sign in to GoSpotCheck and enable their account, even without receiving an Invitation email)

Screen_Shot_2018-05-02_at_6.40.11_PM.png Invited

User has been sent the Invitation email but has not yet activated their account

Screen_Shot_2018-05-02_at_6.40.18_PM.png Disabled

User was once part of your company account, but their access to the Mobile Application and the Web Dashboard has been removed.



Need to invite more than one user?

Admins and Role-Based Users with access to the People Tab can bulk Invite and Re-Invite users with the “Invite All” and “Re-Invite All” Buttons.


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