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Creating & Managing Alerts



Use Filters to Create Alerts

Alerts are email messages and app notifications that are sent whenever a new mission response matches filter criteria.

When you save a filter, you have the option add an alert. A pop up like the following appears:

Once you’ve created an alert, you will receive an email whenever a mission response meets the criteria you've set; you will not receive alerts for mission responses completed before the filter and alert were created.

TIP: If you wish to receive an alert when anyone submits a Mission Response, create and save a Filter based on Team = All. That way, when anyone on the "All" team submits a Mission Response (in other words, anyone in your organization), you can be notified with an alert and/or email.

Alerts are user-specific. Other Admins will not receive your alerts.

Alert Email

The email will look something like this:

Reviewing Alerts

The email will direct you to the Alerts page within the Mission. This page will display all other Mission Responses which have triggered alerts. From here, you can click the Mission Response that triggered the Alert to review the details, or you can dismiss the Alert by clicking the button on the right. 

For a comprehensive list of mission responses that have triggered alerts across all of your missions, click Alerts in the drop down menu. From here, you can navigate to the new Mission Response by clicking it's name under the Mission Response column.

The Alerts page only displays Alerts for the company that your user is currently logged into. To locate Alerts for other companies you have access to, you'll need to switch to that company and select the Alerts page.

Managing Alerts

Should you wish to modify or remove an existing alert, return to the Mission Overview Page and click the Filter Dropdown to find the Filter associated with the Alert. Click Edit Filter and uncheck the Email Me an Alert checkbox. Click Save when finished.

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