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Updating Multiple Existing Places

The CSV Upload feature allows Company Admins to update multiple Places at the same time.

Access CSV Uploads

There are two ways to access CSV Uploads for Places:

  1. Navigate to your user drop-down menu in the top right hand corner, and then select CSV Uploads
  2. In the "Choose Upload Type" menu that appears, select Places. Click the blue "+ CSV Upload" button to continue.


  1. Navigate to the Places tab from the Navigation Bar 
  2. In the top right hand corner, click on CSV Upload
NOTE: The following steps will be the same regardless of the path chosen to reach the upload tool

Update Existing Places

If you'd like to edit multiple Places that already exist in GoSpotCheck, click on "Update Existing Places."

NOTE: You cannot upload a file that contains a combination of new and existing Places. Read more on adding multiple NEW Places via the CSV Upload tool HERE.

Preparing Your File

To update places that exist within GoSpotCheck today, your file must include the GSC ID in a column header named "id" for every place being updated, along with the following optional column headers of every field you wish to update.

Required Headers

Optional Headers

  • id

Required Place Details:

  • name

  • address

  • city

  • state

  • postal_code

  • country

  • info_URL

  • disabled
  • latitude
  • longitude

Place Groups

  • place_group_[number]
  • place_group_[number]_action


  • any custom properties you wish to update*
  • Custom property fields must be formatted as "p_<property_name>". For example, to update a "region" property, the column header should be formatted as "p_region. " 
TIP: For help getting the column headers just right, you can Download an Example CSV to start from.Screen_Shot_2019-02-06_at_12.37.53_PM.png
PRO TIP:  Your CSV file only needs to include the GSC ID of places you wish to update as well as any header with content that is changing. In other words, if the place is not changing, delete the row; and if the ZIP code, for example, is not changing, feel free to exclude or delete that column from your CSV file.


Edit Place Details

To modify place details in your CSV file, find the row(s) representing the places in need of modification enter their updated details into the corresponding column.

NOTE: Because most Place Details are required in our database (e.g. Name, City, State, etc), deleting them will cause an error in your upload.


Edit Place Properties

If your company uses place properties, you can:

  • change any place property value, by clicking into the cell and updating the text
  • delete the contents of a place property cell by replacing the current text with NULL
NOTE: You cannot create new property keys by adding a new "p_property" header to your file. Please contact your CSM if you need to create additional property keys for your places. 


Edit Place Groups

To add a place to a Place Group as part of your CSV upload, you can use place_group_[number] as the column header. Place group columns should be formatted incrementally, for example 'place_group_1' and then the next column as 'place_group_2' etc. The values within each column represent the specific place group to which you want to add the place. For example to add a place to the "Large Format Stores" and "North Region" Place Groups, the Place Group portion of your csv file would look like the following:

place_group_1 place_group_2
Large Format Stores North Region


TIP: By default, the uploader allows you to add Place Groups to existing place groups. However, if you would like to add a place to a Place Group that has not yet been created, you can include the name of the new place group in one of your place_group_[number] columns and checking the following box after you upload your file.Screen_Shot_2020-05-14_at_4.03.10_PM.png

If you'd like to remove places from an existing place group as part of your upload, use the "place_group_[number]_action" header with the value of  "REMOVE". To remove a place from the "Large Format Stores" Place Group, the Place Group portion of your csv file would look like the following:

place_group_1 place_group_1_action
Large Format Stores REMOVE


Disabling Multiple Places

You can also change the status of the Place from "Enabled" to "Disabled" in your CSV Upload. 

  1. Find or Create the column header labeled "disabled"
  2. For each place you wish to disable in GoSpotCheck, enter "TRUE" in the disabled column.
NOTE: The inverse is also true here; to re-enable places that are currently disabled, you can enter "FALSE" in the disabled column.


Uploading Your File

  • When you are ready to upload a CSV file, click Choose.
  • Select the file you want to upload, and then click Open > Next.
  • The system verifies that the CSV file you are about to upload contains the required columns. Click into the column name box (highlighted in blue) to match up the required columns and, if necessary, match them up to ones from your file and click OK.


  • When finished, click Process CSV. You will receive confirmation that your CSV upload is in process. Once it completes, you see Completed in the status column.


Click the corresponding Details button to view more information on the success of the upload. If errors are present, you will view a message alerting you that errors were found.

In addition, you will receive an email message that your CSV Upload has completed.


  • Click Places to view your Place updates in the system.
If you receive errors on your Updating Places upload, please read this article on resolving CSV Upload errors.
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