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Where can I see my team's data? (Logging In: The Difference between the Mobile App and the Web Dashboard)

There are two ways to be logged in to GoSpotCheck, through the mobile app, and through the Web dashboard.

Mobile App: The mobile app is how users collect data out in the field. They work through missions (surveys) that were built on the Web dashboard, and when they push submit, the data they've collected goes back to the Web dashboard for analysis by the group's admins.

People in GoSpotCheck who have a role set to "User" will only be able to log into and use the Mobile App.

Admins and Managers also have access to use the mobile app, but are only able to use the App for data collection.

You can learn how to download the mobile app here.

In order to log in to the Mobile App, your email address must have been added to GoSpotCheck by your administrator. You must log in with the correct email address in order for the system to recognize you and let you create a password.

Web Dashboard: If an Admin or Manager wants to view data from their team, view a list of their users, manage places, build a mission, etc., they must log into the Web dashboard at

The log-in credentials are the same for the mobile app and the Web dashboard, the difference is what you're able to view and do on each platform.

People in GoSpotCheck who have a role set to "User" will NOT be able to log into the Web dashboard.

If you have a role of Admin or Manager you can access the Web dashboard through a Web browser on your computer or on your mobile device (however, the dashboard is not optimized for mobile, so we recommend using a full screen device like a computer to view the dashboard).


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