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Adding a User


To add a new user to GoSpotCheck, simply click the + New Person button in the top right corner of the People page.

You can add multiple new users to GoSpotCheck at once using the CSV batch upload tool. 

User's Info

Here, you'll be prompted to enter the user's first and last name, along with their email address. You also have the option of adding their phone number. 


You can determine what level of access you'd like a new user to have by indicating their role. 

USER Access to the GoSpotCheck mobile application/MyGSC only.
ADMIN Unrestricted access to the GoSpotCheck Dashboard, in addition to the Mobile Application.

By default, the role of any new user to GoSpotCheck is "User". To update the role, select "Admin" from the dropdown.

At this time, you cannot add/update manager permissions via the Role dropdown.


Teams organize users into various groups based on criteria of your choosing. When inviting a new user to the app, you have the option of adding them to any team already created for your company. Keep in mind, all users are included in the "All" Team by default, but users can be a part of an unlimited number of teams. For more on teams, click HERE

If your company uses Assigned Places, you can add those here as well.

When finished, click Add.


You will have the option of sending the new user an email invitation to join GoSpotCheck. You can either chose Invite or Not Now, which will prompt the email to be sent out or not. If you click "Not Now", the user will still be added to the system and be able to log in to the app once they have it downloaded on their device.  

The invitation email will include instructions on how to download the app to the user's devices, as well as how to activate their account. Currently, you cannot edit the text in the invite email. You can view a sample of the invite email below.

Activation Status

After a user has been added, you can track whether or not that user has activated their account (logged in to GoSpotCheck and created a password).

To do this, navigate to the People page and view the Activation Status column next to their name. If the user has activated their account, a green checkmark will be displayed along with the time and date of activation. If the user has not activated their account, it will display the date and time of the invite. You can always re-send an invite email by clicking the Re-invite button on the right side of the page.

If you chose to not send the invitation email, this section will display an orange alert icon reading "Needs Invitation". However, the user will still be able to use GoSpotCheck the same as users who received the invitation email.
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