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What is a GSC ID (and where do you find it)?

Within GoSpotCheck, unique ID numbers are given to people and places. We call this unique combination of numbers an object's GSC ID. This ID is a required column when using the CSV Upload tool to update existing People and Places.

How do I find a GSC ID?

You can find the person or place ID two different ways: 

When you are looking for a limited number of GSC ID's, navigate to the User Profile or Place Profile in question. The GSC ID of that particular User or Place can be found within the URL (immediately following "users/" or "places/"). 


You can export a larger list of people or places from their respective areas in the Admin Dashboard. These lists can be generated from the people, teams, places, or place groups screens (instructions below).

How do I export from GSC?

1. From the list of people, teams, places, or places groups, you can filter the results by searching for a specific data set and can only export those items.

2. Click on the Export button next to the Search box with the Places, Place Group, People, or Teams screens.

3. Click on the link at the top that will direct you to the downloads page.

4. Click download next to the link.

5. The file will open in Excel with the first column containing the GSC ID for the person or place.


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