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View & Edit a User Profile


Viewing a User Profile

At the top of the User Profile is the user's name.  For example, the user below is named "Blake Robinson". Below the user name is the date and time the account was activated (the first time the user logged in to the dashboard or app). To the right is the user's email, phone number (if included), and the list of teams the users is a part of.

By default, all users are included in the "All" team.  For more information on teams, click here.

Moving down the page, you will find tabs for "Mission Responses", "Assigned Places", and "Properties":

  1. The Mission Responses tab will show you all mission responses from the user.  This table includes the date and time completed, place name, address, and the name of each mission completed.  You are also able to search for specific information in the "Search Table" bar and export that data using the "Export" button.
  2. The Assigned Places tab will show all locations that have been assigned to the user.  For more on User Assigned Places, click here.
  3. The Properties tab shows the name of any properties associated with the user and the property value associated with each. 

Editing a User Profile

If you need to update the details of one of your users in GoSpotCheck, it's very easy to do. From the People page, you can click the Edit button to the right of the User's name.

Or, from the User Profile page, you can click the Edit button above the User's name.

From here you can edit whatever fields you need to, including name, email, role, and properties. 

To edit the Standard Teams the user is currently on, you can begin typing the name of the team you want to add the user to. A dropdown of Standard Teams matching your text will appear. When you find the Standard Team you are looking for, press Enter to add the user to that Team. 

If the user should no longer be on any of their currently assigned teams, click the "X" on the right side of the Team you wish to remove. 



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