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Advanced Features


When creating a Mission, there are a number of additional options you can select to fine tune the availability of your mission in the field. We call these options, Advanced Features, and they are included in the Advanced Feature dropdown of every Mission that is currently editable.

Show Advanced Features

From the Mission Edit page, click the blue triangle beside Show Advanced Features.

The Advanced Feature dropdown includes the following options:

  1. Maximum responses per user: Limits the number of times an individual user is able to complete this mission, regardless of place. After achieving the maximum number, the mission will no longer appear on a user's device.
  2. Maximum responses per location: Limits the number of times the mission is able to be completed at a specific location. Useful if you only need the data from each location a specific number of times. For example, if you enter the number "1" into this field, the mission will disappear from that place on all users' devices after the mission is completed once at that place.
  3. Allow users to add places?  Allows users to add places not included in the market's place database.
  4. Allow missions without a place? Allows users to complete the mission without a place selected (this mission becomes known as an Anywhere Mission). Useful in environments where the place is hard to define, i.e. an Planes, Trains or Automobiles, etc.
    *NOTE: Anywhere Missions cannot be completed via MyGSC
  5. Enable User Assigned Places? Deploys mission ONLY to assigned accounts contained in the Place Group selected. For example, if a mission is deployed to the "Walmart" Place Group, checking the "Enable User Assigned Places" option will allow users to view this mission only at Walmart locations to which they have been assigned.
If you have the 'Assign a UAP to Places Added in the Mobile App' set to false in your Company Settings, you will not have the option to choose both 'Enable User Assigned Places' and 'Allow users to add places.' This is because each Place that a user adds will need to be assigned as a UAP to that user in order to complete the Mission. If the 'Assign a UAP to Places Added in the Mobile App' feature is set to false, the user would not have the newly added Place assigned to his/her profile and would therefore be unable to complete the Mission. If you would like to create a Mission that is UAP enabled and will allow users to add Places in the app, please go to your Company Settings page and toggle the 'Assign a UAP to Places Added in the Mobile App' setting on or reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

When finished making your selections, feel free to collapse the dropdown by clicking Hide Advanced Features. From there, you can resume creating/editing your mission.

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