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The Navigation Bar

As a Company Administrator, gaining access to the GoSpotCheck Web Dashboard means you have the ability to view, create, and manage the details of your company accounts.


Use the Navigation bar to:

  • View the Homepage of your GoSpotCheck account
  • Create and manage Missions
  • Add People to carry out those Missions
  • Add Places where Mission are to be completed
  • View your product Catalogs in the Items tab
  • Access Custom Reports in the Reporting tab*
  • Access GoSpotCheck's Photo Reporting Solution, PhotoWorks *
  • Access the GoSpotCheck Help Center for support when needed
  • Access the User Dropdown to view your Alerts, Downloads and even access MyGSC.

* available as an upgrade to your standard GoSpotCheck License


In the Navigation bar, the first link you have access to is identified by the name of the current company you are viewing. This link is your Homepage. You can also access the Homepage by clicking on the GoSpotCheck icon to the left of your company name.


The Missions tab in the Navigation bar is the place where you will access all Missions available to your company users. Here you can create new missions, and view the real-time data associated with each mission.


From the People tab of the Navigation bar, add and manage users, the key players in carrying out missions for your company.


Selecting Places from the Navigation bar allows you to gain insight into the various locations/accounts within your company. You can view the Custom ID, Name, Address and City and State. You can add, edit or disable Places from this tab.


The Items tab is the place to visit to view the individual options available in your searchable lists. Items added into GoSpotCheck are grouped into Catalogs, and these Catalogs can be added as dropdown options to your Missions in the form of Searchable Lists. *This tab is only visible to users with a role of Company Admin.  


If your company has configured custom reporting based on your GoSpotCheck data, it will appear in this tab.


Visit PhotoWorks to Review, Filter, Analyze & Share the photos you've captured within GoSpotCheck.


When you select Help in the Navigation bar menu, you enter the GoSpotCheck Help Center. Search for help on a specific topic, or choose an article from the menu of links provided. You can also submit a request directly to the GoSpotCheck Support Team if you need additional assistance.

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