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Viewing Catalogs for Searchable Lists

Items are used in Searchable List tasks. These can be SKUs, product names, or any other grouping of about 30 items or more that your field reps may need to choose from to complete a task. Items are grouped into Catalogs to make them easy to categorize for use in Missions.

To view the Catalogs available for your company, select Items from the main navigation bar at the top of the page.


You will only see the Items link displayed in your menu bar if you have at least one Catalog available in GoSpotCheck. To upload a Catalog, please contact your Customer Success Manager. 
The Items view shows you a list of Catalogs currently available in GoSpotCheck for use in Missions. If you drill down to a specific Catalog, you can view and export a list of the Items contained in that Catalog, as well as a list of Missions where that Catalog is used as a Searchable List.


View and Search Catalogs


By default, Catalogs are listed alphabetically by Catalog name. You can sort by Name, Status, Item Count, Created At date or Updated At date by clicking on the corresponding column header.

To search a list of Catalogs by Name, start typing in the Search Catalog Name bar. Even a partial search will return matches.



Don’t worry if you see this screen. It just means the data is loading!



Download Catalogs

To download a list, click the Export button and select the file type: CSV or XLSX. This will export the exact fields you’re viewing in the web dashboard. If you have filtered the list using a Search, only the filtered list will appear in the export.


 Click the link in the green bar to access the export file.



View Assigned Missions

To see a list of all Missions using a Catalog, click on the Catalog name from the main Catalogs view, then click View Assigned Missions.


By default, you’ll see Started Missions displayed. You can also select different Mission statuses by clicking the navigation links at the top of the screen: Started, Scheduled, Draft, Stopped, Archived and All.


Each table can be sorted and searched by Mission Name.

The Mission Name appears as a link that will take you to the Mission Info page for Started and Stopped Missions, and the Mission Edit page for Scheduled and Draft Missions. You must unarchive an Archived Mission in order to view it.
Be sure to select the correct Mission status before you search for a Mission that includes a Catalog. If you’re not sure about the status of a Mission, try searching the All view.

For information on how to view and export Items within a catalog, read our Viewing Catalog Items article.

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