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Why can't I find my Place?

Can't find your Place in the Choose a Place option? In this article, we'll walk you through all the variables that could be preventing your Place from populating in the app. 

Depending on your companies account permissions, the GoSpotCheck Support team may be restricted from directly fixing the issues described in this article.

Location Settings Turned Off

GoSpotCheck relies on your current GPS location to populate the closest accounts that are available for Mission fulfillment. Please ensure your Location Settings are turned on by going to your phones Settings.

Out of Range (25 miles) 

The GoSpotCheck app is designed to show you the closest 200 accounts within a 25 mile range. If you are outside of the 25 mile range from your Place, it will not appear the app.

200 Closer Places

In densely populated areas you may have a lot of Places available for Missions in a small area. If there are 200 Places closer to you within a 25 mile range, you will not see your Place appear even if you are within range.

Address Typo

The address information entered into GoSpotCheck can have errors that will cause a Place to map incorrectly. The Place can populate farther away then it actually is, or it will not populate at all. If you notice an address typo that is causing issues with your Place, you can contact our Support team via email or phone and we'll be happy to make the necessary corrections.

Correct Address/Geocoding Incorrectly

Even if an address appears to be correct, misplaced punctuations or abbreviations can cause a Place to geocode incorrectly. Similarly to how an address typo can cause issues, the Place may populate farther away than it is or not appear entirely. You can contact our Support team via email or phone and we'll be happy to look into what may be causing the issue.

No Mission Assignment

The GoSpotCheck app is designed to only show you Places where a Mission is available for fulfillment. A Mission may not have been started, it might have been stopped, or the Place is missing a Mission assignment. No matter the issue, our Support team will be able to verify the specifics on how a Mission may not be active at your Place and the best solution moving forward.

Mission should be here, but incorrect/no place group/team assignment 

There can be several factors preventing a Place from having a Mission you know should be available.


  • Place Group - When a place is missing the specific Place Group any corresponding Mission will not be available at that place.
  • Team - Being on the right Teams will dictate the missions that are available to you in the app. If you have not been assigned to a Team, you will not see specific Missions/Places in your app.
  • UAP - Some Missions require User Assigned Places in order for the Mission to appear. If you do not have the right Places assigned to your account, you will not see specific Places in your app.


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