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What is a count task?

Create a count task

Configure a count task

Add conditional tasks

What is a count task? 

A count task provides the respondent with the ability to enter a numeric value. This task type is ideal for situations where a numeric response value is desired over a text-based submission.  

Count task in the Mission Builder

Count task on a mobile device

Create a count task

There are three ways to create a count task in the Mission Builder

  1. Add component to an empty mission builder canvas by selecting ‘Add Component’. This button is only available when adding the first task to a new mission or section. Then, select Count from the components list.
  2. Drag and drop Count from the components panel onto the mission builder canvas. This can be done on an empty canvas or at any stage of mission building. 
  3. Click the ‘+’ sign above or below any existing task and choose Count from the components list

Configure a count task

  • Task title: Title your newly created task in a way that clearly indicates a numeric response value is expected.   
  • Task description: If the task requires specific instruction or further information, add a brief task description to help the user interpret the assignment.
  • Set a task mode: Newly created tasks are required by default, meaning the user must submit a response. Tasks can be changed to optional in the Task Mode dropdown. If your company has advanced logic enabled, tasks can also be configured as Read Only. Read-only tasks cannot be answered, rather, they are used to display information to the user.count_task_config.png
  • Task identifier: Task identifiers act as unique nicknames for tasks. They can be referenced in advanced logic rules and piping expressions rather than abbreviating the task numerically. Read more about task identifiers here.
  • Decimal places: This feature limits the number of decimal places that can be input as a response. The field defaults to 0, meaning only whole numbers can be input. Adjusting this number to something other than 0 allows both whole numbers and numbers with the specified amount of decimals to be input.
  • Default value: Count tasks include the ability to set a default value. This value will automatically populate on the mobile device, providing the users with a baseline number that can be adjusted.  This setting can be useful in situations where a specific number is expected and can save users time by providing a pre-populated default response.

Default Value in the Mission Builder

Default Value in the mobile app

NOTE: Specifying a default value overrides the ability to make a task optional. Since the specified task will contain the default value, where no other action is taken by the user to adjust the response, the default value will be sent on mission response submission.

  • Enable numeric range for answer value: This feature has three configuration options and respects default decimal places. If a task response input does not fall within the specified range, the task response cannot be submitted. 
    • Less than or equal to: establish a number that the submitted value must be less than or exactly equal to. 

    • More than or equal to: establish a number that the submitted value must be greater than or exactly equal to. 

    • Between: establish a numeric range that the submitted value must fall between.

  • Configure default increments: This feature adds or subtracts a specified increment to the response value when the user leverages the +/- signs on their mobile device. For example, if a default increment is 5 and the user inputs a task response value of 5, this value will become 10 if they click the + sign. This value will become 0 if the user clicks the - sign. 
    • For users submitting mission responses in MyGSC, click the arrows or scroll up and down within the box to add values incrementally.click_or_scroll.pngNOTE: If you are adding a default increment that includes decimal places, ensure the number of decimal places matches the number defined in the decimal places configuration.

Add conditional tasks

You can add conditional tasks to any count task. Conditional tasks allow for a specific subtask to be populated based on the count task response value that was submitted. This allows users to expand on their selection with a customized follow-up that pertains to their original answer. 

To add a conditional task:

  • Click on the ‘+’ icon to the right of a count task title
  • Select a task type that provides logical follow-up to your initial count task. Any task type can be added as a conditional to a count parent task.
  • Set a condition for the conditional task in the task configuration panel. This ensures the conditional task only appears when a value within a specific range is submitted to the parent count task. You can set the following parameters on the parent count task response:


You can add conditional tasks to conditional tasks, nesting multiple layers of child tasks as needed. 

Read more on conditional logic here


Legacy Mission Builder


A Count Task is used to capture numeric data in field. For example, you might ask "How many items are on display?" or "How many customers attended the tasting?". 

Adding a Count Task to a Mission 

To add a new Count Task to your Mission, click Add Task and then select Count Task


You can also add a Count Task to your Mission that only appears when certain conditions are met; this is called a Conditional Task. To add a conditional count task to your Mission, click the +Add Conditional button on any parent task that supports conditional logic.


Configuring a Count Task

Count Tasks offer a few different ways to configure how they display to Mobile Users: 

  • Make a Count Task Optional
  • Enter a Default Value
  • Specify conditional logic


By default, all tasks added to your Mission are required tasks, which means that users will not be able to submit their Mission Response without entering a value for the task. To allow a user to submit the Mission without entering a response for the task, toggle the Optional checkbox.


When choosing a Count Task, you have the option to select a default value; the value you enter here will pre-populate the Count Task response on the mobile device. This can be useful to convey a baseline or target value, and let the reps adjust based on what is actually present in the field.

To specify a Default Value, select the check box and enter the number the Task should default to in the open field.

For example, when a User selects a brand that is on display, they may be prompted with a conditional Count Task, "How may items are on display?" If there is a typical response you would expect the user to respond with, such as "1," use the default setting to automatically populate this task. The User will still have the standard functionality to adjust the Counts wherever needed. 

NOTE: Specifying a default value overrides the ability to make a Task optional. Since the specified value will contain the default value, where no other action is taken by the user to adjust the response, the default value will be sent on submission.


If you'd like to create a follow-up task based on the value a user enters within a count task, click the + Conditional button on the count task. This creates a parent/child relationship between the tasks, and requires that you to enter the numeric value that will cause the conditional (child) task to appear.Screen_Shot_2020-03-09_at_1.20.29_PM.png

Use of Count Task as a Parent requires iOS app version 4.19.7 or Android app version 4.24.4. Prior versions will not display Missions using conditional logic on a parent count task.

Completing a Count Task in the Mobile App

Count tasks in a Mission are represented with a #️⃣icon. There are two ways Mobile Users can enter numeric values for Count Tasks:

  1. Tap into the white box to enter a number with the numeric keypad.
  2. Click the [+] or [-] signs to add to or subtract from the default value by increments of one.
To enter a negative number, tap the (-) icon in the area above the keypad (iOS) or on the top righthand sign of the numeric keypad (Android).

Count tasks which include a default value will automatically display the default value in the white entry field. Beneath the count task, users will see the following note: 



Viewing the Count Task Tile in Reporting

After your Mission is deployed, you can view your Count Task responses on the Mission Overview page. The Count Task summary tile includes aggregated data from all Mission Responses that match any filter criteria you've applied. 


To view individual count task responses, click the blue hyperlink on the top of the summary tile. You'll be taken to a table listing the individual Count Task responses from the Mission, including the user who submitted the Mission, Place of submission, Date & Time and other supporting details. 




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