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Scheduling a Mission


Mission Scheduling allows Mission creators and editors to dictate a time period in which the Mission is available for mobile app users to complete. With scheduling, you can rest assured knowing your Mission will automatically start and stop when desired.

Schedule a Mission To Start & Stop Automatically

After you’ve finished editing your Mission, click the green Start button in the right hand corner. On the confirmation window that appears, click Modify the Mission Schedule to enter the date when you’d like your Mission to be automatically launched.

  1. Start Date: Enter the day you’d like this Mission to be available on mobile devices. Your Mission will launched automatically at 12:01am (in the timezone of your company) on the start date you enter. If you prefer, you can start the Mission immediately by clicking the Start Immediately checkbox (this clears any entry to the Start Date previously entered).
  2. Stop Date: Enter the final day you’d like for the Mission to be available on mobile devices. Your Mission will be stopped automatically at 11:59pm (company time) on the Stop Date. Alternatively, you can leave the Stop Date blank if you wish to stop the Mission manually.
  3. Schedule Mission: Click the green Schedule Mission button to complete the process.

All Scheduled Missions can be found in the Scheduled tab on the Missions page (Missions > Scheduled). Clicking the Scheduled Start Date column will allow you sort Scheduled Missions in order of their intended start date.

Edit the Schedule of Started Mission

For Missions that have already begun, admins can enter or modify the Mission’s Stop Date so it will stop automatically. To get started, navigate to the Mission Overview page of the Mission in question, and click Modify Schedule.

On the “Modify Mission Schedule” dialogue that appears, enter your desired Stop Date and click Schedule Mission. Your mission will be automatically stopped at the date and time indicated.

NOTE: Because the Mission has already been started, the Start Date field is not editable.

At any point prior to the Stop Date, you can return to the Mission Overview page to modify the schedule once more.

Schedule a Started Mission to End Automatically

You can also add a Stop Date for any Started Mission by clicking the Stop button on the Mission Index or Mission Overview page.

On the confirmation window that appears, click Modify the Mission Schedule to enter the date when you’d like your Mission to be automatically stopped.

A few things to keep in mind…

  • Start & End Dates are in the Company Time Zone: The Mission start date will fall at 12:01 AM in your company’s listed timezone. Likewise, a Mission stop date will fall at 11:59 PM in your company’s listed timezone.
  • You do not have to schedule Missions: Missions can be started and stopped immediately by simply ignoring the Mission Scheduling link.
  • Mission Editing: Editing an in-progress Mission will not affect it's current schedule. Instead, you can change the schedule of an In-Progress Mission using the "Modify Mission Schedule" button.
  • Copying a Mission does not copy the Mission Schedule: If desired, you will need to set a new schedule when copying a Mission.


Mission Availability

Mission Availability allows Mission creators and editors to: 

  1. Schedule Missions that must be completed during certain hours of the day or days of the week
  2. Set recurring Missions for daily or weekly completion.

When scheduling a Mission, you now have the option to select a window of time per day or week when a Mission should be available for users to complete. For example, you could make the same Mission available to complete every weekday between 8:00-9:00am. 

You can choose from three different types of Mission schedules: Anytime, Daily, or Weekly. Keep reading for details on how each option works.

NOTE: Mission Availability is currently a Beta feature. MyGSC and Anywhere Missions do not currently support Mission Availability.

Schedule a Mission to be Available Anytime

If the Mission should be available to mobile app users at all times, choose ‘Anytime’ under Mission Availability and you’re good to go! This is the default setting in the Mission Scheduling window.


Schedule a Daily Mission

‘Daily’ Missions will only be available on specific days of the week. You can also specify the timeframe that each user is able to complete the Mission during those days.

The days you select are highlighted in blue, while the days that the Mission will not be available are highlighted in gray. In the example below, the Mission will be available to users on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between 8:00am and 9:00am.


In the example above, the mission will be marked as ‘Upcoming’ to mobile users until Monday morning at 8am. Between 8am and 9am, the Mission will display as 'Available'. After 9am, the Mission will move back to ‘Upcoming’ until Wednesday morning at 8am.


IMPORTANT! - For Daily and Weekly Missions, mobile users cannot start a mission outside the time constraints you provide. In the example above, users cannot start this Mission on weekends or after 9am on weekdays. If you want your users to have more flexibility, we strongly recommend using 'Anytime' Missions.


Schedule a Weekly Mission

'Weekly' Missions are available during a fixed window of time each week. You can choose the day and time that the Mission will become available to your users and the day and time that it's due every week. 


In the example above, the mission will be marked as ‘Upcoming’ to mobile users until Monday morning at 8am. At that point it will become 'Available' until Friday at 4pm.

What about time zones? For both daily and weekly scheduled Missions, the time zone for each user will be specific to their device.  For example, if you have users in multiple time zones, they will have the Mission available to them in the mobile app during your selected timeframe in their own local time zone.


Coming Soon: Add a Mission Response Limit to your Availability Schedule


Later this month, we’ll be rolling out the ability to cap the number of Mission Responses you’d like to collect during each recurrence. 1x per day? You got it. 3x per place per week. No problem. After your threshold has been met, the Mission disappears until it’s next scheduled availability.

Editing a Started Mission’s Availability 

You can edit the availability of a Mission by clicking ‘Modify Schedule’ on the Mission Overview page on your dashboard.


This allows you to modify the daily or weekly timeframes or change the mission to an 'Anytime' mission. Your updates to the schedule will be immediately reflected in the mobile apps the next time a user refreshes their list of missions.

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