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Export All Mission Response Data


There are a number of ways to export Mission Responses. To access these options, navigate to Mission you want from the main Missions page.

On the Overview page, you will see a set of options:


Export Options

You can:

  • Export the Overview page to a PDF
  • Download all Mission Responses in CSV format
  • Download all Mission Responses in XLS (Excel) format
  • Download all Mission pictures to a zip file. The zip file will automatically organize the photos in folders by task name

For CSV, XLS and pictures, you have the option to limit which data is included. You can limit it to filtered task responses or filtered mission responses. Just apply the filter you want before generating the export. For more information about filters, click here.



After you select the export that you want, you will get a notification that says the export will be available in your downloads page and it will include a link to follow.

For more information about Downloads, click here.

Do you want to download an individual mission response only? Check out our supporting article, here.


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