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Adding Catalog Items

The CSV Upload feature allows Company Admins to easily add Catalog Items for existing Catalogs.

Access CSV Uploads

There are two ways to access CSV Uploads for Catalog Items:

  1. Navigate to your user drop-down menu in the top right hand corner, and then select CSV Uploads
  2. In the "Choose Upload Type" menu that appears, select Catalog Items. Click the blue "+ CSV Upload"button to continue.

Screenshot 2024-02-21 at 12.34.37 PM.png



  1. Navigate to the Items tab from the Navigation Bar 
  2. Open the Catalog you want to add items to
  3. In the top right hand corner, click on CSV Upload

Upload_CI_Import button.png


NOTE: The following steps will be the same regardless of the path chosen to reach the upload tool
You will only see the Items link displayed in your menu bar if you have at least one Catalog available in GoSpotCheck. To upload a Catalog, please contact your Customer Success Manager. 


CSV Upload Overview

The first time you use the CSV Upload feature, you receive a message that outlines the steps of the upload process. If you prefer to not see the message again, check the box then click Ok, let’s go

Adding Catalog Items 

The CSV Upload tool allows you to add multiple Catalog Items at once. To add new Catalog Items, select Create New Catalog Items.

Upload_CI_Create or Update.png

NOTE: You cannot upload a file that contains a combination of new and existing Catalog Items.
NOTE: The Catalog the Catalog Items belong to must already be created.


Preparing your Catalog Item File

To begin, you will create a CSV file. When creating new Catalog Items, the CSV file must contain the following required headers:

  • c_name
  • name

Include the headers for all optional fields you'd like to update:

  • *custom_id
  • position
  • barcode

Plus, any additional custom property fields you've added to the system. Append "p_" to your fields in the header.

  • *custom_id: while not a required field, including a unique custom_id from your master database is extremely helpful for data maintenance down the line (this field has a limit of 255 characters)
  • Custom property fields must be formatted as "p_<property_name>". For example, to update a "brand" property, the column header should be formatted as "p_brand. " 
TIP: For help getting the column headers just right, you can download an Example CSV to start from.

Uploading Your New Catalog Items CSV File

  • When you are ready to upload your CSV file, click Choose.
  • Select the file you want to upload, and then click Open > Next.

Select the file you want to want to upload. The system verifies the columns provided in your CSV file.


UPload_column verification_CI.png


Prior to processing your file, you are able to review the data to be uploaded one last time. From this location, you can edit each column as needed, start the process over, or proceed to processing the CSV.

Upload_ Header _CI.png

Uploading your File 

Upon clicking Process CSV, you will be directed to a CSV Uploads status screen. In the status column, you'll see either In Progress or Completed.

 Uploads Screen _CI.png

  • Verify the new Items have been added by revisiting the Catalog's Item Details page.

Once the upload is complete, you will receive an email confirming the amount of successful records uploaded as well as if there were any errors.


If you receive errors on your new Catalog Items upload, please read this article on resolving CSV Upload errors.
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