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Setting Up Custom Roles

If you’re a company Admin, chances are you’d like help building missions or adding places from time to time. With Custom Roles, you can select additional individuals in your company to manage People, Places and Missions in the GoSpotCheck web dashboard.

Custom Roles will ensure alignment with the many different company structures that exist and allow more depth and flexibility for those users.

Note: Custom Roles will be released in phases - please reach out to your Customer Success Manager for more details, including pricing and setup options.


Together with Data Access, Custom Roles will allow users to have view and edit capabilities that are relevant to the needs or roles in your organization. There are four different types of permissions that can be granted to a Custom Role in any combination:

  1. Manage Mission Permission  (This will allow distribution rights to the company Teams / Place Groups
  2. Edit Mission Response Permission - Managing Missions
  3. Place Admin Permission - (This will let a user view and edit all Places as well as Place Groups)
  4. User Admin Permission -  (This will let a user view and edit all Users as well as Teams)

As an Admin, you are able to create Custom Roles and give them a unique name.  Each Custom Role may have an individualized description along with a unique combination of create/edit abilities in the Dashboard.  


 Important: Users can only be given one Custom Role.
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