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Picture Task

Picture Tasks can be used when you'd like to capture and submit one or more photos within your Mission. Photos are a great way to add qualitative insight to the quantitative data you are collecting in your Missions. 

Adding a Picture Task to a Mission

To add a new Picture Task to a Mission, first Create a Mission. Then click Add Task and select Picture Task.


A Picture Task can also be used as a Conditional Task. Click the + Conditional button on any parent task that supports conditional logic and select Picture Task. 

Configuring a Picture Task

Screen_Shot_2020-08-18_at_2.03.23_PM.pngWhen you add a Picture Task to a Mission, there are a couple things you can do to configure it to behave the way you want:

  • Make Optional
    Toggle the Optional checkbox beneath the Picture Task Title if you'd like to let users submit this Mission Response without capturing at least one photo for this task.
  • Enable Image Recognition*
    Check this box to leverage GoSpotCheck Image Recognition Technology to analyze and identify the products within the image.
    *This option is only visible to customers who have purchased GoSpotCheck Image Recognition; restrictions apply.
  • Require Live Photos
    Click the Use Camera Only checkbox to prevent users from submitting a photo from their device's photo gallery. Checking this box requires that photos be taken in real-time using the device's camera during the Mission.
  • Set the Max # of Photos
    By default, each Picture Task accepts up to 3 photos per task. However, you can adjust that number higher (up to 10) or lower (down to 1) to suit your needs.  

Completing a Picture Task in the Mobile App

Photo Task within a Mission
Photo Capture Mode

You can identify Picture Tasks within Missions in the Mobile App by the 📷 icon in the top right corner of the task. Unless marked as Optional, Picture Tasks require at least one photo to be captured per task.

There are two ways to add a photo to the task:

  1. Tap the camera button take a Live Photo
  2. Tap the photo button to upload a photo from your device's photo gallery


NOTE: If the Picture Task was configured to require a Live Photo, the Gallery button will not be visible.

Picture Tasks can be configured to accept anywhere between 1 & 10 pictures per task. You can view a count of the number of photos you've captured for the task and see a preview of the first image in the series by tapping the frame in the bottom left corner of the task (prior to photo capture, the frame is grey, as seen above). 


Reporting Options for Picture Tasks


There are a number of ways to view and analyze the photos captured within GoSpotCheck Picture Tasks: 

  • Mission Overview Tile: View the four most recently captured photos for each photo task that match your current filters
  • Task Gallery View: Click the Picture Task hyperlink to be taken to a shareable gallery of all of the photos captured for a Picture Task. 
  • View individual photos: See an individual photo, side-by-side with other task responses from the Mission.
  • Download photos to your computer: Export all of the photos from a particular Mission.
  • PhotoWorks: Subscribers of PhotoWorks can view, filter, sort and export their GoSpotCheck photos from one place. Learn more HERE.


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