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Temperature Task

Adding a Temperature Task to your Mission enables you to capture and log temperature readings taken in the field in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

For example, you might ask:

  • What is the temperature of the coffee creamer?
  • What is the ambient air temperature of the walk-in freezer?
  • What was the weather during your demo? (Brand Ambassadors)

Temperature Task is a bluetooth-enabled task, which means that mobile users can use select bluetooth thermometers to wirelessly transfer temperature readings from their bluetooth thermometer into a Temperature Task Response.

Adding a Temperature Task to a Mission

To add a new Temperature Task to a Mission, first Create a Mission. Then click Add Task and select Temperature Task.Screen_Shot_2020-06-12_at_10.41.18_AM.png

A Temperature Task can also be used as a Conditional Task. Click the + Conditional button on any parent task that supports conditional logic and select Temperature Task. 

Configuring a Temperature Task

When you add a temperature task to a Mission, there are a few things you can do to configure it to behave the way you want:

  • Make a Temperature Task Optional 
    Toggle the Optional checkbox beneath the Temperature Task Title if you’d like to let users submit this Mission Response without entering a temperature value.

  • Unit of Measure 
    Choose whether you’d like responses to this task to be recorded in °F (Fahrenheit) or °C (Celsius).

  • Add a Conditional Task 
    If you’d like to create a follow-up task based on the temperature a users enters for this task, click the + Conditional button and select your task type from the task picker.
    Next enter the temperature parameters that will cause the conditional task to appear to the user. Available operators include: Screen_Shot_2020-06-12_at_10.44.17_AM.png

Completing a Temperature Task in the Mobile App

Users of the mobile application can enter a temperature reading in two ways; manually via onscreen keypad, or wireless via connected Bluetooth Thermometer.


  1. Tap into the white box of the Temperature task and use the onscreen keypad to enter the temperature reading
  2. To clear your entry, tap the 🅧
  3. Click Done 


  1. Tap into the white box of the Temperature task
  2. Press the transmit button on your connected Bluetooth Thermometer (Transmit buttons vary by thermometer). The temperature reading appears in the temperature task response field.
  3. To clear your entry and try again, tap the 🅧
  4. Click Done
TIP: You can always adjust the temperature reading manually after capturing the reading with a Bluetooth Thermometer. Manually updated entries will not reflect as a Bluetooth-verified entry in Insights Reporting.
NOTE: Temperature Tasks are supported in Android and iOS Versions 5.1+. Prior app versions will not display any Missions which include Temperature Tasks.

Viewing the Temperature Task Tile in Reporting

To view individual temperature task responses, click the blue hyperlink on the top of the summary tile. You'll be taken to a table listing the individual Temperature Task responses from the Mission, including the user who submitted the Mission, Place of submission, Date & Time and other supporting details.


TIP: GoSpotCheck records whether a temperature was entered manually or via Bluetooth for reporting purposes. Leverage Insights Reporting to analyze and filter by bluetooth-verified temperatures vs manually entered temperatures.
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