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Mobile Application - Release Notes

Looking for a recap of the latest releases to the Mobile Application? You've come to the right place! Most recent releases appear at the top ☝️

5.4 Release

Platform: iOS 
Date: October 26, 2020
Platform: Android
Date: November 10, 2020


  • Picture Task Zoom In/Out: Thanks for all of your feedback about our updated photo capture experience! With this release, you can once again ZOOM IN & OUT while taking photos for Photo Tasks.
  • Thermoworks Integration: You can now pair your GoSpotCheck Mobile App with Thermoworks ThermaPen Blue or WAND Blue devices to complete your Temperature Tasks!


  • Made a number of architectural changes to improve performance and reduce crashes on Android.


5.3 Release

Platforms: iOS and Android
September 8, 2020

When reviewing the photos you've captured in a Picture Task, we've added a few nifty new options to help save you some time:


Rotate Image: After capturing a photo, use the rotate buttons to adjust the orientation of a photo without having to retake the photo




Add a Photo: If a picture task allows more than one photo, you can add additional photos to the task by tapping Add a Photo. When you're finished, tap submit to attach them all at once to the picture task.




5.2 Release

Platforms: iOS and Android
July 21, 2020




Next Unanswered Task: Tap the new orange arrows on in-progress Mission Responses to be taken automatically to the next required task




In-App Offline Mode: Toggle this setting to use GoSpotCheck’s offline functionality without having to shift your phone into Airplane mode



Upload Image Recognition Photos via Gallery: Access photos within your phone’s gallery and upload to Image Recognition Photo Tasks





In-App Beta Opt In: Feeling adventurous? Toggle this new setting to access GoSpotCheck’s newest mobile features and enhancements before anyone else 



iOS Add a Place: There’s a new button on the bottom of the Choose a Place screen which allows users to access the Add a New Place functionality without having to scroll to the bottom of the page



Photo Tasks - One Tap Upload to Gallery: Tap the new buttons on Photo Tasks to be taken directly to the camera or your photo gallery



Upload Multiple Photos at Once: When selecting photos from Photo Gallery, you can now choose to upload multiple photos at once (instead of one at a time….much faster!)

Screen_Shot_2020-08-05_at_1.52.22_PM.png   Cancel an In-Progress Mission Response via Copy and Start: If you started a Mission Response from a different device, you can now cancel it via the Copy & Start command from the device you are currently using.


5.1 Release

Platforms: iOS and Android
June 1, 2020


  • Temperature Task: The mobile apps now include support for the upcoming launch of our newest task type, Temperature Task! Temperature task enables mobile app users to capture Temperature Readings in F/C in the field. Enter a temperature that falls out of the acceptable range? Temperature tasks support conditional logic to ensure that mobile users know exactly what they need to do to address the situation.
  • Bluetooth Thermometer Integration: Version 5.1 includes support for select Bluetooth Thermometers, enabling mobile users to capture temperature readings wirelessly from their paired Bluetooth thermometer directly into a Temperature Task.
  • You can now connect to supported devices via our new Bluetooth Connection Manager in the Settings tab!
  • We’ve updated our app icons to better align with our new store listings! Looking good, GSC...


  • iOS: Users should run into missions without tasks much less frequently, requiring less manual refreshing
  • iOS: Users should see improved performance when completing missions
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