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Mission Status Icons

We recommend viewing My Recent Activity to ensure your mission responses have submitted successfully. Many of our users check this at the end of every day to verify that they will receive credit for the work they have completed. Mission Responses in My Recent Activity show a handful of colored icons indicating the current submission status of a mission. 

 Mission Status Icon Overview 



Mission has not yet been started at this Place

orangeIcon.png Orange Mission is In-Progress, not yet Submitted
greenCheck.png Green Mission has been Submitted successfully
gray.png Gray Mission is Waiting to Upload, needs a stronger connection
redIcon.png Red Error has occurred, please contact Support



The orange icon means that a mission is currently in progress. 


The gray icon means that a mission is Waiting to Upload. This is typically due to a weak internet connection, and the mission will automatically upload once your device finds a stronger signal. However, if you notice a persistent gray status, please reach out to Support.

Your Mission Response is timestamped the moment you tap Submit.


The green icon means that a mission has been successfully submitted to our server.


Tip: Check My Activity at the end of every day to verify that your Missions submitted successfully.
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