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Understanding My Activity

My Activity is a great resource to check on your work. Did your Mission Response go through? Do you still have work to complete? Do you need a stronger internet connection to submit a Mission Response? The answers to all of the above questions will be found in My Activity.

To access the My Activity tab: 

  1. Sign into the GoSpotCheck mobile app. 
  2. Tap the Menu button. 
  3. Tap My Activity. The My Activity screen will display.

    NOTE: In-Progress Mission Responses and Missions that have not yet submitted will still expire 10 days from the date the Response was originally started, and the expiration date is indicated next to the IN PROGRESS label. In-Progress Missions and Missions that have not yet been submitted will stay in My Activity, whether you are offline or online. (You can view Mission Status Icons here: Mission Response status to determine the status of a mission you might have questions about.)

Finding Mission Responses in My Activity 

You can now see any and all of your activity in the My Activity tab while online. You can search for a specific Mission name, Place, or address by using the search bar at the top and pressing enter. This includes Responses that are Submitted, or not yet submitted.



Working Offline

If you are offline, you'll see only those responses which have not yet been submitted, and your device will notify you of this. This is a change from how the app worked previously. These changes allow GoSpotCheck to use less storage since we no longer store copies of your previously submitted Mission Responses locally on your mobile device. 


If you ever have issues submitting a Mission, or any other questions please feel free to call Support at 844-359-2503!

Cancel a Mission Response

An In-Progress Mission Response can be canceled. Navigate to My Activity and look for Mission Responses with an orange icon. Be careful before you Cancel a response, as that data will be gone forever. To learn more, check out our article on Canceling a Mission Response.

Copy & Start a Mission Response

If you find you have to re-visit a Place and only a couple of the Task Responses have changed, you can Copy & Start from your previous Mission Response. You will only have to edit the few answers that are different, but still keep the answers from the previous submission.


Share a Mission Response

You may want to send yourself a Mission Response to keep for your own records. You will need to tap into a Submitted Mission Response in order to send it via email. To learn more, check out our article on Sharing a Mission Response.


Once an In-Progress Mission Response expires, the data is gone and cannot be recovered. This is because In-Progress Missions are stored locally on your device (not submitted to our servers) until a Mission is formally submitted.
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