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Contacts Tab

You may wish to add a contact to an account of yours. Users will often list the store manager as their point of contact in case a question comes up during the visit. This article will show you how to create, delete, and share contacts.

Add a Contact

To add a new contact to a Place, tap the Add a Contact Button in the top right corner of the screen.

The Contacts tab will list any contacts who have been added or assigned to a Place. 


You will then be prompted to fill in the fields as needed. When you are finished, select Done (on iOS) or Submit (on Android) to save all contact information.



You can add additional information about a Contact in the Notes section.



Edit/Remove a Contact

To edit a contact, tap the contact in the list.

Edit the fields as needed and tap Submit to save the changes or Reject to cancel.

Sharing a Contact

You can also Share contacts and Save Contact directly to your device. To Share or Save Contact, follow the sequence of screenshots below. 




  • Contacts are visible to any user looking at that Place in the app.
  • You can Create, Edit and Delete Contacts while Offline
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