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Completing a Mission Response While Offline

The GoSpotCheck Offline Mode allows you to Start and Submit Mission Responses when in an area with no WiFi or cellular data connection. This article discusses how to successfully complete a Mission Response while Offline. 

How do you complete a Mission Response while Offline?

No WiFi or cell data connection where you're trying to complete a Mission? Using airplane mode to save your battery life? Use GoSpotCheck's Offline Mode by refreshing your Places when you have a strong WiFi or cell data connection and are within range of the Place where you will be completing the Mission. When you reach the account in Offline Mode, complete the Mission as usual and tap Submit. Once you are back in an area with strong WiFi or cell data connection and/or turn off airplane mode, the Mission will Submit automatically.  

 NOTE: If you are in an area with a weak WiFi signal, your device may attempt to submit the Mission Response up to 10 times. If it is still unsuccessful, the Mission will go into Unable to Upload state. You can manually re-submit the Mission from the My Activity tab of the app when you return to a strong WiFi connection. 

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What is different about using GoSpotCheck while Offline?





Refresh Places x  
Contacts x  X
Place Details* x  
History x  
Copy & Start Mission Responses* x  
Share a Mission Response * x  
My Activity x x
Start a Mission Response x x
Submit a Mission Response x x
Add a New Place * x  
Recorded Distance of Mission Response x x
Recorded time of Mission Response x x

*Feature will only be available if enabled

The Distance From the Place and Time Duration recorded in a Mission Response while Offline functions the same as it does when Online. The location is recorded when tapping Start on the Mission and the Duration will reflect the time elapsed from tapping Start to Submit. 


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