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How can I edit the recorded location of a mission response?

Editing mission responses that have been submitted using the unlisted or 'New Place' feature, or that were entered at the incorrect account can easily be done by a GoSpotCheck admin in the web dashboard. Follow these steps to edit a Mission Response's location.

Determine the Desired Location

If the mission response was added as a 'New Place', your field user should have provided the location in their answer to the first question. If you find that the information is not detailed enough, simply search for the GPS coordinates at which the mission was submitted using your favorite web search engine. If you are editing a response that was added to the incorrect location, you will want to determine whether or not the correct location exists in the database.

Add the Location to the Database

Add the location to your company's GoSpotCheck places database, as outlined HERE

Edit the Mission Response's Location

Click the 'Edit' button, and then select 'Change Place' to edit the location. Use the search bar to find the location you've just added to the system and select the location. Save your changes and you are all set!

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