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How do I add Sections to my Mission?

Adding Sections to a Mission can help create a flow to the mission as well as assist with ease of navigation.

By creating a Section, you can provide a user insight into the different focuses of a mission. As a result, users know what to expect driving, value and saving time.

Sections help reporting make more sense, as you will be able to view all "like" data grouped together in order by view.

To add a Section to a Mission, simply click the Create New Section button at the bottom of the Mission Edit page.


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What are sections?

Create a section

Title a section

Reorder sections



What are sections?

Sections provide a way to group a series of tasks together. When a user completes a mission, they submit responses to various tasks by section. These groupings can help ensure a user navigates tasks in an efficient, logical order. 


Sections are not required to publish a mission. While sections are designed to group similar tasks together, users can still choose to complete tasks and sections in any order. 

Create a section

There are four ways to create a new section in the mission builder:


  1. Select Add Component on an empty mission builder canvas and choose Section

  1. Drag the Section option from the Components panel onto the mission builder canvas. This can be done on an empty canvas or at any stage of mission building.  

  1. Click the Add New Section text below any existing task(s)

  1. Click the + icon above or below an existing task and select Section.



Title a section

After creating a new section, title the section with a descriptive name that helps the user understand the types of tasks grouped within the section. 


You can also provide specific instructions for each individual section by entering a section description



Reorder sections

To change the order of sections, navigate to the Structure panel and drag a section name to your desired location. 



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