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Date Range Filter

The Mission Overview page displays Mission Response data from the last seven days by default. But you can adjust the date range to display Mission Responses from outside that default range by using the Date Range Filter.

Filtering by Date Range on the Mission Overview Page

By default, the Mission Overview page will display data from the last 7 days of the Mission. To display data from other dates, click the Date Range drop down. You will be presented with pre-filtered options like "Last 30 Days" or "This Month". Selecting "All Time" will return Mission Responses from the Missions start date until today. Once you have made your selection click Apply.Date_Range.001.jpeg

To enter a custom date range, select Custom Range. On the calendar that appears, click the first day and the last day to enter your desired Date Range. To choose a date in a different month, use the right and left arrows on the calendar. The date range selected will be highlighted in blue on the calendar. Once you have entered your Custom Range, click Apply.

A blue banner will appear at the top of the page to remind you that the data displayed below is filtered by date.


GoSpotCheck remembers the date range you select for each Mission, so the next time you visit you won't have to reset the range.  

Date Range filters apply to each tab in Mission Reporting.


Date Ranges cannot be saved as part of a Filter or Alert and will need to be set separately from applying a Filter. 

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