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Filter Your Place List

By default, the Choose a Place screen displays the 200 nearest locations with Missions available for a user to complete. Users can utilize Filters to narrow that list to only display locations meeting specific criteria.

For example, at 11am a user who services bars and restaurants might want to filter out any places that are categorized as "bars" in GoSpotCheck because they are likely not open for business at that hour.  Assuming you've added a Place Property of "Type" to your GoSpotCheck place list and you've enabled it for filtering, the user can make a selection to narrow down their Choose a Place list to only display accounts that have a Type designated as "Bar". 

Filter on Place Properties

  1. From the mobile app, navigate to the Choose a Place screen.
  2. Tap the Filter icon. Screen_Shot_2019-05-28_at_10.50.31_AM.png
  3. Select the criteria that you would like to filter on and tap Apply Filters.Screen_Shot_2019-05-28_at_10.56.11_AM.png
  4. The red circle on the filter icon will display the number of active filters. 

  5. To clear the selected filters, tap the filter icon on the Choose a Place screen. Tap Reset All and Apply

  • The filter icon will only appear if one or more properties has been enabled for filtering and they apply to places currently displayed in the app.
  • Filters apply to the places currently displayed on the Choose a Place page. If the filter does not apply to any places within range, it will not display as an option on the Filter screen.

Using Multiple Filters

  • When multiple values are selected within the same filter, the Place results will match either value, not necessarily both (e.g., independent OR chain).
  • When filtering by multiple properties, the Place results will match both properties (e.g., independent OR chain, AND Northwest Region).
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