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Changes in our Database: Migration to BigInt Value Types

What is the BigInt Migration?

In December 2022, we made a series of updates to our database tables to increase the maximum value that can be stored in these columns:

  • Task Response ID s (
  • User Place Assignment ID s (

Why is this migration needed?

Over the last nine years, FORM MarketX (GoSpotCheck) users have completed 2.1 billion distinct task responses and we’re scaling our platform to ensure responsive data operations at scale.

Because of the activity volume on our platform, we have updated our database to accommodate 64-bit integers (known as “BigInts”).

Do users need to prepare anything for this change?

Some customers who extract data from our system will need to check with their data team to ensure that they can ingest BigInt value types. More information is below.


Action Required for API, SFTP, and Manual Export Customers by March 2023

Customers who extract data out of FORM MarketX (GoSpotCheck) via API, SFTP, custom ingestions, or manual exports and host data collected in GoSpotCheck within their internal systems will need to ensure that any tables in users’ systems of record hosting Task Response IDs or User Place Assignment IDs are able to support BigInt values (64-bit integers). We recommend that you make any necessary adjustments to support BigInt values no later than March 2023 and discuss any questions with your internal data teams.


Helpful Resources: · GoSpotCheck API Documentation

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