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Getting Started with PhotoWorks


Welcome to PhotoWorks! PhotoWorks is the best way to review, filter, organize and share your GoSpotCheck photos, all from one convenient location.

Who Can Use This Feature

  • All users from companies that have subscribed to PhotoWorks can access GoSpotCheck PhotoWorks.

Devices Supported

PhotoWorks is a responsive web app that can be accessed from modern web browsers on any computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Accessing PhotoWorks

From the Web Dashboard:

  1. From the Global Navigation Bar, click “PhotoWorks”

From the World Wide Web

  1. Navigate to
  2. Enter the same email and password combination that you use to access GoSpotCheck and click Sign In.

PhotoWorks Overview

When you log-in to PhotoWorks, your photos are front and center. The first thing you’ll see is your photo library, featuring all of the photos your company has captured using GoSpotCheck within the last 12 months (that you have access to see), from newest to oldest. Read more on exploring the PhotoWorks photo library HERE.


Above the photos, there are several other tools that will help you navigate PhotoWorks:

  1. Home: Tap the PhotoWorks icon or the word "Photos" to be taken back to the top of the Photo Library at any time
  2. Albums: Access the Albums you have created to save and share collections of photos
  3. App Switcher: This icon allows you to easily toggle between the PhotoWorks and the GoSpotCheck Web Dashboard
  4. Menu: The dropdown menu contains links to your Exports, PhotoWorks Settings (Space Admins only), and Sign Out.
    If you’re a part of multiple companies using GoSpotCheck, you can use this menu to toggle between each of the PhotoWorks Spaces you have access to.
  5. Filters: Filters help you quickly narrow in a specific subset of photos. The top line is your filter selector, while the bottom pill-box row indicates any filters that are currently applied to the photo grid.
  6. Sort: Modify the ordering and grouping of the photos in your PhotoWorks library
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