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Sorting Photos in PhotoWorks

By default, PhotoWorks organizes the photos in your Photo Library by date, in descending order (newest photos at the top). However, you can adjust the way your photos are organized and presented using the Sort dropdown menu.

Who Can Use this Feature:
  • All users from companies with a paid PhotoWorks plan
  • All users from companies who are on a Free Trial of PhotoWorks

Sorting Methods

There are two sections of the Sort Menu; the first dictates the order of the photos, and the second dictates the how photos are grouped. 

Screen_Shot_2020-08-11_at_10.56.25_AM.pngIn the example above, photos will be grouped by Mission Name and ordered in ascending (chronological order). 

NOTE: PhotoWorks remembers your sorting selection until you change it, even if you log out and log back in. You can also save a preferred sort order based on specific filters you've applied by creating a Saved View.

Sort Order

You can choose to order your photos in Ascending or Descending order. "Ascending" order can either mean chronological or alphabetical order, depending on how you've decided to "Group" your photos:

  1. Group by Date: When grouping photos by date, selecting ascending order means that photos will be ordered chronologically (oldest photos at the top). Sort order is determined based on the timestamp when the Mission Response was submitted.  If multiple photos were captured as part of the same Mission Response, these photos are displayed in order of appearance in the Mission (First Photo Task, Second Photo Task, etc). 
  2. Group by any other field: When grouping photos by any other field (like Mission Name, Place or User name), ascending order means that photos will be ordered alphabetically.   


In PhotoWorks, if you can filter by it, you can group by it. That means that the items in the Sort Menu directly mirror the filters you see in the Filter Bar.

TIP: Space Admins can configure which GoSpotCheck fields and metadata are available in the Filter Bar/Sort Menu in PhotoWorks Settings.

When you choose to group your photos by anything other than date, PhotoWorks automatically creates headers for each unique grouping of photos. Headers are displayed in alphabetical order and include a count of the total number of photos in the grouping, as well as the first several photos contained within that grouping. These photos are presented in ascending or descending order, depending on the Sort Order you’ve selected. To view all photos within a particular grouping, click the "Show All Photos" button beneath in each section.


TIP: To select all photos within a particular grouping:
  • On Desktop: Hover your mouse over the header, and click the circle that appears. 
  • On Tablet/Mobile: Tap the header, and then tap the circle that appears
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