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Configure PhotoWorks Settings

If you’ve been designated a PhotoWorks Space Admin, you can access and modify PhotoWorks settings to customize the way your team experiences PhotoWorks.

Who Can Use This Feature:
  • PhotoWorks Space Admins

Accessing PhotoWorks Settings

PhotoWorks Space Admins can find the Settings page in within the dropdown menu on the top right hand corner of the screen. On the Settings page, you can modify your Data Configuration Settings, as well as your Card Layout Settings.

Modifying Data Configuration Settings

When someone from your team submits a new Mission Response, GoSpotCheck automatically captures key contextual data about that response, including details about who submitted the response, where it was submitted, and date & time details. You can use the Data Configuration Settings page to determine which GoSpotCheck contextual information you’d like to make visible to your team as they navigate PhotoWorks.


The page lists the five main categories of contextual information within GoSpotCheck:

  1. Companies
  2. People
  3. Places
  4. Mission
  5. Tasks

Each category contains all standard GoSpotCheck fields as well as any additional properties you’re company has populated within GoSpotCheck:

Email Address
First Name
Last Name
Full Name
Custom Place ID
Mission Name Task Title

Plus, any custom properties that your company has added to GoSpotCheck. 

For each field, you can choose to:

  • Enter a New Label: Rename the way a field is displayed throughout PhotoWorks by giving it a label (e.g. you could label the field “Full Name” to appear simply as “Name”)
  • Use to Filter/Sort Photos: Use this toggle to add the field as a filter in PhotoWorks. 
  • Use as Photo Detail: Use this toggle to include this field in the Photo Details View. These fields will also be available to include as Photo Details in Powerpoint and PDF Exports.

When you're all finished, click Save Configuration.


Modifying Card Layout Settings

To modify which data fields appear beneath your images in the Photo Library, navigate to Settings > Card Layout

From here, click on the dropdown menus to select which GoSpotCheck fields you'd like to present in the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary spots. You can preview your selections in real-time using the Preview pane on the right. 


When you're satisfied with the Card Layout, click Save Layout.

NOTE: Photo Card Layouts are limited to exactly three contextual fields.
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