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Selecting Photos in PhotoWorks

So, you’ve mastered using PhotoWorks sorting and filters to find the exact group of photos you are looking for; now you’d like to share some of them with other stakeholders. PhotoWorks makes it easy to select the precise photos you’d wish to share and export them to a variety of formats for others to view.

Enter Select Mode

When you come across a photo you’d like to share, use Select Mode to mark it for sharing. The way you activate Select Mode varies depending on the device you are using:



Tablet/Mobile Phone




Hover over the image you wish to select and click the circle that appears in the top left corner to select the image.   Tap the Select button at the top right of your screen to enter into Select Mode.


TIP: Want to check out photo details while in Select Mode? Hover over any image and click the magnifying glass that appears in the bottom right corner. PhotoWorks will remember your photo selections! 


Select Individual Photos

After you enter Select Mode, click or tap anywhere on the photos you wish to add to your selection.

At the bottom of your screen, a banner tallies the number of photos you’ve selected in total. You can continue selecting photos (up to a maximum of 1000) by clicking (web) or tapping (tablet/mobile) on each photo you’d like to add.


TIP: On Web, you can select multiple photos in a row by left-clicking your mouse and dragging across the photos you wish to add to your selection. 


Select Grouped Photos

If you've used the Sort Menu to group your photos, you can select all photos within a particular grouping by hovering over the header (desktop) or tapping the header (mobile/tablet) and tapping the circle that appears to the left of the header title. 


Select All Photos

You can also use the Select All command to automatically select all photos on the page (up to 1000).

  1. Enter into Select Mode
  2. Tap Select All in the bottom banner
TIP: Need to select more than 1000 photos? After choosing Select All, you can scroll to the bottom of PhotoWorks and continue selecting photos individually.


HEADS UP: If you need to add or change your photo filters to find additional images you wish to share, go for it! PhotoWorks remembers your photo selections (until you deselect them), even if those photos are not included in the current filter view.


Deselect Photos

If you make a mistake and wish to deselect a photo, simply uncheck (desktop) or tap (tablet/mobile) the photo. The photo is removed from your photo selections.

To clear all Photo Selections, you can:

  • Tap the X in the banner next to the photo tally, OR
  • Hit the Escape button on your keyboard (Web) OR
  • Tap the Cancel Button (Mobile)
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