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Filtering in PhotoWorks

Trying to find a specific photo (or group of photos) within a gigantic photo library can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. That’s why we built powerful, configurable filters into PhotoWorks that enable you to quickly and painlessly find the photos you are looking for.


In PhotoWorks, you can filter by any:

  • Standard GoSpotCheck Field (like city, state, date/time, Mission name, etc)
  • Custom Property you’ve set up for your company (e.g. if you’ve added a custom user property of Territory or Region)
  • Task-Based Property you’ve configured to be used as a Contextual Filter (see below)

Filter Display Order: The Date Filter is always listed first in the Filter Menu. After Date, filters are presented in alphabetical order.

Editing Which Filters Appear:
PhotoWorks Space Admins can modify which filters display for your organization. For more details on how to setup or adjust the filters that appear in PhotoWorks, click HERE.


By default, you can add filters for any task property in your missions. But sometimes, you might also want to filter by other task responses in the same mission. Here’s an example:


In the example above, you might want to filter photos submitted for question 2 by apple variety (e.g. "only show me photos containing displays with "Honeycrisp" or "Gala" apples"). Contextual filters makes this possible within PhotoWorks - talk to your CSM for more details on getting Contextual Filters enabled for your PhotoWorks account.

Applying Filters

To filter the Photos you see in PhotoWorks:

  1. Click on one of the Filters in the Filter Bar.
  2. In the dropdown that appears, select one or more filter values.
    1. If the Filter dropdown is lengthy, use the search bar to enter and quickly find the filter value you are looking for.


Screen_Shot_2021-02-22_at_2.32.50_PM.png Relative Dates: This dynamic date filter displays photos that were captured in common reporting periods relative to today's date (e.g. the Last 7 Days, This Month, etc).  Relative Date Filtering is especially useful when creating Saved Views and Smart Albums.
Calendar Dates: To limit photos captured to a specific calendar date or date range, select the dates in the calendar picker, or type them manually into the From/To fields.


Modifying Filters

To remove one or more filters that you’ve applied, you can:

  • Click the Blue Filter button and deselect the box next to the filter you wish to remove, OR
  • Find the circular grey filter you wish to remove and click the X, OR

To remove all filters currently applied to the Photo Library, you can: 

  • Click Clear All next to the row of circular grey filters


How Filters Work Together

When you apply more than one filter to PhotoWorks, it's important to understand how the filters work together.


When you select multiple values within the same filter dropdown, the filters act as an OR statement. For example, suppose you selected Florida and Georgia from the Places: State filter dropdown. 


The photos returned would include:

Photos captured at places in Florida OR Georgia.



You could add additional filters to further refine which photos are returned. Any additional filters you apply work together with the original filter as an AND statement. For example, if you wanted to view photos taken by team members Adams and Anderson, you could add the Users: Last name filter to select their names. 

3.5_Filtering.pngThe logic for the photos returned in the example above would be:

Photos captured at places in "Florida" OR "Georgia" 
Submitted by Users "Adams" OR "Anderson"

Saved Views

If you have a series of filters that you frequently use together, you can save them as a Saved View. Saved Views recall any filters you've applied as well as the sort order for easy access to photos that meet your criteria.



  1. After you've applied filters and determined the way you'd like to sort your photo results, click the Saved Views ☆ dropdown and select Save as new view.
  2. Name your view and click Save View.

Saved Views appear in reverse-chronological order (newest at the top) in the Saved Views dropdown.


  1. Click the Saved Views ☆ dropdown
  2. Select the Saved View you wish to view
NOTE: You are only able to see Saved Views you've configured yourself; they are not visible to other PhotoWorks users in your organization. 


  1. Click the Saved Views ☆ dropdown
  2. Click the Trashcan 🗑 icon next to any Saved View you wish to remove

Relational Filters

When you click on a filter in the filter bar, the dropdown list displays only those filter options that apply to photos currently visible in Photo Album. It excludes any filter options that do not apply to photos that are currently visible. We call these, Relational Filters because each filter understands which other filters that have been applied, and therefore prevents users from inadvertently selecting a filter (or filter combination) that returns no photos! If you’re expecting to see a filter value and you find it to be missing from the dropdown, it has likely been excluded because there are no photos that in Photo Album that match that criteria.

For example, let’s say you’ve deployed a new Mission to your entire team and you’d like to view the photos from that Mission in Photo Album. First, you’d use the Mission Name filter to select the name of the Mission (note: the Mission name would only appear in the filter dropdown after the first Mission Response photo is submitted to GoSpotCheck). If you were to click on the User Name filter, you would see the names of anyone who had already submitted a Mission Response for that Mission. Users who have access to the Mission but have not yet submitted their Mission Response will not appear in the User dropdown, because filtering by their name would produce no results in Photo Album.

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