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Edit or Delete a Task Response

For any of your In-Progress Missions, you can change, update and delete any task responses you've entered. Just make sure you do make your changes before you tap Submit. Submitted Mission Responses are unable to be modified.

Edit a Task Response

To edit a response, select the current response. A new screen will appear where you can make necessary changes. Be sure to tap Save once you have made your changes.

TIP: If you need to change a task response that has already been submitted, you have a couple options:
  • Copy & Start a new Mission Response from your original, and make the necessary updates. Then contact your administrator and ask if they can delete your original task response in the Web Dashboard.
  • Ask your administrator to edit your submitted response in the Web Dashboard. 

Delete a Task Response

  1. Select the current response and tap the ⊖ circle
  2. Tap Yes to confirm

Deleting a Photo Task

To delete a photo and replace with another...

  1. Tap the picture you wish to delete
  2. Tap the Trash Can icon
  3. Tap Delete to confirm
  4. Tap Add Photo to take a new photo
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