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Pairing Your Bluetooth Thermometer

You can use select Bluetooth thermometers to wirelessly transmit temperature readings directly from the thermometer to your Mission Response.

We currently support the following Bluetooth devices:

  • Cooper Atkins MFT
  • Cooper Atkins blue2 (iOS only)
  • Thermoworks ThermaPen Blue
  • Thermoworks WAND Blue

Pairing A New Bluetooth Device

In order to get started, you’ll first need to pair your Bluetooth device. After successfully pairing your device with GoSpotCheck, you won’t need to pair it again unless you unpair it.

  1. From the Settings Tab, tap Bluetooth Devices
    1. If this is your first time visiting the Bluetooth Devices, an alert will appear requesting permission for GoSpotCheck to use your device Bluetooth. Tap OK
  2. Set your Bluetooth device to pairing mode (refer to the manufacturer instructions for details on how to do this for your device)
  3. A list of all supported Bluetooth devices that are within range and in pairing mode will appear on your screen. Tap on the name of the device you wish to pair with GoSpotCheck
  4. On the confirmation alert that appears, tap Connect

When you’ve successfully paired your device with GoSpotCheck, a blue check mark will appear next to its name.

Reconnecting Your Bluetooth Device

This one is easy! To reconnect a paired device with GoSpotCheck, simply turn on the device.

When you open a Mission which includes a Bluetooth-enabled task, GoSpotCheck will automatically connect to any of your paired devices that are in range and powered ON.

TIP: You can check your Bluetooth connection status in the following places:
  • In your Bluetooth Devices Settings: Connected devices appear with a checkmark
  • On any Bluetooth-enabled task: Device connection status appears on each task


Unpairing a Bluetooth Device

If you no longer wish to use a Bluetooth device with GoSpotCheck, you can unpair it:

  1. From the Settings Tab, tap Bluetooth Devices
  2. Tap the name of the device you wish to unpair
  3. Confirm by tapping Disconnect
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